Keepin’ It Real

This is my view right now. Pretty much a total disaster. This is the top of my table in the sewing room. Not a lot of sewing going on right now.

It seems my life has been ruled by deadlines lately. And if it doesn’t have a deadline… it just doesn’t get done. Cleaning my sewing room has no deadline… and I won’t have the energy for a self-imposed deadline any time soon.

Someone told me last week that, “In blogland, everything is perfect.” And, it often is. But that is such an artificial reality. So I’m keepin’ it real:

  • I have a list A PAGE LONG of things I HAVE to get done. Not want to (though I do want to get them done) , but HAVE to.
  • While working on that list this weekend… I didn’t get a single load of laundry done. It wasn’t on the list… but should have been.
  • What IS on the list is thank you notes that I need to write… from September.
  • I did an entire load of dishes last night, and there is still an entire load of dishes sitting on the counter waiting for their turn.
  • I have at least 3 tutorials that I’ve taken pictures of the entire process… and haven’t had a chance to post.

Life has been crazy lately. But really, I’m not complaining, and not making excuses, that’s just the way it is. It got a little crazier (okay, a LOT crazier) last week when hubs’ schedule changed. After over 10 years of working early morning shifts (4am, sometimes earlier), he’s now working the night shift… coming home after 11 on most nights. This has meant taking our entire routine… and throwing it out the window. This has not done good things for the “must do” list.

But… there is a silver lining. While some decisions are out of our control, while we re-organize and re-structure our time, our days, our lives… we’ll get to choose. We’ll get to actively decide what is important, and what isn’t. What really needs to get done, and what we can live without… and maybe should have been living without.

And this has some unintended consequences… maybe I’ll become a morning person?

… hey, a girl can dream…

C. Moore


  1. Shaking things up can be a good thing – it just takes awhile to figure out the good parts…

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