Red Week – Kiss Roses

Red… Red Roses… Red Roses made of CHOCOLATE! Yum!
I didn’t come up with this idea. I don’t remember when I first learned to make these, but it has been well over a decade. They are super simple. So simple that when hubby and I were dating, I decided to make 365 of them for our 1-year anniversary.
Simple, yes… time consuming… also yes. So, that 365 roses was changed to roses made of 365 kisses… and then changed to 365 kisses between the roses and the kisses I filled the bottom of the vase with. : ) But, they were still yummy!
You can make these pretty quickly (as long as you’re not trying to crank out a couple hundred), and use them as Valentine’s gifts with a cute little tag, or you could make a boquet of chocolately sweetness for someone special.
To make your own, you’ll need a wire or skewer, floral tape (inexpensive to buy at any store they carry silk flowers), a silk leaf (optional), tape (optional), and red cellophane, cut in a square of about 7×7″. In a pinch, you can use red or pink plastic wrap, or you could use clear cellophane or plastic wrap, and get kisses that have been wrapped in red or pink.
Put two kisses, big sides together, just off-center on your cellophane.
Fold the cellophane in half at an angle over the kisses.
 Fold in the two corners of the triangle.
Twist at the bottom, and tape in place. As you make more, and get the hang of it, you can skip taping the bottom.
Put the wire or skewer against the base of the rosebud, and attach with floral tape, spiraling down the stem. At some point, tuck in the leaf and keep wrapping.
Your rose will be all done! Congratulate yourself by eating one of the extra kisses… then start another!

C. Moore

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  1. This is absolutely too cute and very clever. 🙂 Thanks for sharing…


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