Red Week – Owie Kisses

Welcome to RED week! This week I’m celebrating RED with Missy and her Crafty Divas over at So You Think You’re Crafty.

Stop by here each day around 7pm to see something RED inspired… and starting tomorrow… make sure you vote for your favorite RED project over at SYTYC.

When I think of RED, I think of lots of things… but probably the first thing is LOVE. And kisses.

Now that Little Moore is two, I’ve been giving him lots and lots of kisses… to fix his boo-boos. For most owies, a single kiss is enough, but some need a little “moore” TLC. We’ve had some standard ice packs for a while, but I made these lip-shaped ones for something a little different.

The inside is rice. In the past I’ve used plain ol’ rice… but this time I used some special rice. This rice was leftover from when Mr. Moore and I got married. It is “bird safe” rice made especially for weddings, and it is made in a HEART shape!
I piled up all the rice before I got started. So pretty!
Then I traced some lip shapes onto plastic with a wet-erase marker.
I put this on the wrong side of some red satin. I could have used plain ol’ cotton, but I thought this would feel nicer on a boo-boo.
I stitched all the way around, using my walking foot so that the foot wouldn’t stick to the plastic. You can see the satin puckered a little… this is a good thing, it makes more room for rice. 🙂
I filled it with the heart-shaped rice…
Then stitched the hole shut.
Then cut around the edges using pinking shears. 
I carefully washed away the wet-erase marker… and was all done!

These will get tossed in the freezer in a ziploc bag to keep out the moisture. Next time we have a big owie, they’ll come in handy!
Come back tomorrow for more RED… and starting tomorrow you can check out So You Think You’re Crafty… they’re celebrating RED too!


  1. These are adorable. I love the idea of lip shaped ice packs. And I hear you. A mom goes through a lot of kisses in a day, especially once they start crawling.

  2. Fine lips. I’v made some hot lips too on a bag. If you would like to see them go to
    Scroll down a bit……

  3. How perfect?!? Next week I’m going to stay with a friend next week that’s having surgery. She doesn’t have family around and we’ve been best friends since college. I’ll be making some to take along to nurse her to health. Thanks!

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