This weekend I got to play on a long-arm machine. So much fun! : )
A great big thank you to my friend Tami from The Enchanted Desert Quilter who let me use her long-arm to quilt my MQG Monochromatic Challenge Quilt. This Challenge is true to the name – the entire quilt must be designed, pieced, AND quilted by the entrant! I was planning on quilting this sucker on my wonderful little 12-year-old Viking (a beautiful workhorse of a machine), but when Tami offered to let me use her hand-guided long-arm… how could I say no? Tami also took this picture of me stitching away on the top… thanks Tami! I’m only sharing it with you here because you can’t really see the quilt… I’ll share it with you after the contest, but for now I’m keeping it secret… : )

I had a fantastic time stitching… and stitching… and stitching… After hours and hours of a white-knuckle grip on the long-arm handles, I finished quilting it! Here’s a little peek…

Now it is off to binding…

{totally un-compensated endorsement (in fact, Tami has no clue I’m writing this) because I just love Tami and her work} Oh, and if you’re in the Vegas area and have a top that needs to be quilted, I can totally recommend Tami. She’s quilted several of my quilts, and done fantastic jobs on all of them! Even if you’re NOT in the Las Vegas area… you can ship your top to her… plenty of other people do!

Hope you have a wonderful week!



  1. Oooooh, I can’t wait to see more!

  2. Quilting is something I’d love to learn how to do!

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