Two Charm Squares Make a Pinwheel Quilt Block – a Post for Patti

I met Patti when we both became charter members of the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild. After the first meeting, I knew I was going to really love hanging out with Patti. We’re not the same age, I doubt we have similar backgrounds… but we’re both outspoken gals with good hearts (I’m allowed to say that about myself, right?). And Patti is one of about three people on the planet who has described me as “sweet” while keeping a straight face

Yesterday, Patti stopped by the shop I work at. We were chatting about the Kona Solids Challenge we’re both working on for the MQG. Patti has a great idea involving pinwheel blocks. We were discussing ways to make quick and easy pinwheel quilt blocks from charm squares (pre-cut fabric squares that are 5″x5″). None of the ideas we were coming up with seemed like a good fit.

Fast-forward 24 hours, and I have a “brain flash” (if you’ve always wondered what the opposite of a brain fart is, consider that mystery solved). So here, for Patti and the rest of the online quilting world, is a quick step-by-step of how to make a quick pinwheel quilt block out of 2 charm squares!

Start with 2 contrasting charm squares. These are both from Sherbet Pips, because I had an open charm pack laying around from making the drawstring backpack.
Put the two squares RST (Right Sides Together), lining up the edges.
Stitch all the way around all 4 sides, using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Cut into quarters on the diagonal.
Press all 4 triangles open to make squares.
Put your squares in place to make a pinwheel shape… then stitch together and you’re done!

There you go – a quick and easy pinwheel quilt block made with just 2 charm squares and no waste! : )



  1. Awesome idea,I will have to remember that!

  2. That’s really cute!!! Great idea! I love the result!!!

  3. You make it look so simple! And I love the cute patterns.

  4. I prefer it if other people make quilts – and I get the benefit of the finished product :)… You must have lots of patience xx

  5. Oh My GOSH!! Your not only sweet, your a super genius!! This is totally amazing!! Thank You so much!! Now If you would be a dear and have a “brain flash” on a easy, no pain way to remove the access fat from my thighs & butt!!

  6. Great idea! Makes me wish I knew how to quilt!!

  7. I wish I was more crafty! This is a cute quilt square and I would love to be able to make quilts like my mom did when she was younger.

  8. that looks great—- too bad I have zero quilting experience!

  9. Thanks so much for that quick tip! I’ve actually been browsing fabric, over the past week or two, in hopes of maybe putting together a quilt soon.

  10. This is such a time saving tip!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love the no waste part. Not crazy about all the bias edges.

  12. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for the comment. 🙂 Yes, Bias edges can be tricky – even for experienced quilters!

    I am careful with my bias edges, making sure that I don’t stretch the fabric. Also, I often use BestPress (which is a starch alternative) to “stiffen” the fabric a little, so that the bias doesn’t stretch as much.

  13. awesome!!!!!… “I had no idea where you were going with this, but BAM.. I seen it and I was like “OMGosh!!”…

  14. Amazing, Awesome, Smarts… I had no idea where you were going with this, but BAM I seen it, and I was like “OMGosh!!”… so simple and time consuming, now to start my pinwheel quilt..

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