Clutch with a Loop

I’m teaching kids camp this week at the quilt shop. These kids are amazing! There are 24 kids in the class, and there are 3 of us in there with them. Half had never sat behind a sewing machine before Monday, and by Friday they’ll be finishing up their first quilt!

Each day (actually, only half a day) we work on some skill-building, and then make at least one thing that they can take home with them. We started the class on Monday, and they were amazing! They caught on super-quick. Today’s project was place mats. Based on how the kids zipped right through their projects, I knew I needed a second project for them to work on. So, I grabbed my tutorial for the Reversible Clutch. It is simple enough for a new sewer to make, and the kids did GREAT!

We weren’t adding on the magnet closures, instead we were going to sew on snaps. One of the girls wanted to add a button. I love making buttonholes, and although they aren’t hard to do, teaching a class of 24 10-13 year olds how to tackle their buttonhole foot was more than I was up to. The girl asked, “What about those loopy things that people sometimes have on buttons?” GENIUS!

So, we added on a loop and a cute button to her quick clutch, and voila!

Sometimes kids have the BEST ideas!



  1. There’s nothing more exciting than watching young people actually discover skills they can be proud of and will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Will you be showing pix of the finished placemats?

  2. I seriously should be in that kids beginner sewing class!! Just my speed!! The clutch is super cute!

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