National Toilet Paper Day!

No, I didn’t make this up – Today is National Toilet Paper Day. It is also my 5th wedding anniversary (love you, babe!), but one thing really has nothing to do with the other.

So… back to National Toilet Paper Day… I am totally not making this up. Charmin is celebrating on the Charmin Facebook Page in a big way. American Greetings even has a National Toilet Paper Day e-card (if you enjoy a good pun… or a bad one… you should check it out)! If an e-card doesn’t legitimize a holiday, I don’t know what does!

To celebrate National Toilet Paper Day, I thought I’d share with you some fun toilet-related trivia as well as some toilet paper crafts. There are lots of awesome crafts that start with a humble TP roll! That’s right, Crafters are smart folks, and we work with whatever we have at hand – and make the most of it!

Like these toilet paper stamped bookmarks from Think Crafts. At first glance, it looks like a fun recycled paper bookmark, so pretty you could give it as a gift. If I didn’t tell you that it was made out of toilet paper, you never would have guessed, would ya!?

But with creative TP uses like this, it shouldn’t surprise you that the country that uses the most Toilet Paper is the US!

You’ll have to click over to this Bulldozer made from toilet paper tubes to see how LooLeDo made it – simple, and totally genius! It is actually made with a couple toilet paper rolls and a little bit of cereal box… and there are great instructions and a video to help you make your own!

Do you know during which event the toilet is flushed the most?
Halftime at the Super Bowl!

This takes me back to my Art Appreciation 101 class in college, and the whole “What is Art? What defines Art?” question… but it looks to me like real “Art with a capital A” can be created with toilet paper rolls. Anastassia Elias makes these stunning silhouettes inside toilet paper rolls! The blog isn’t in English, but if you ask me, Art transcends the spoken word. Scroll through her gallery and prepare to be amazed!
Did you know that the movie “Psycho” was the first movie to show a flushing toilet? It was! And people complained because they thought it was indecent!

Even the Queen of Crafts herself, Martha Stewart, is on board with toilet paper roll crafting, like with these Yule Log Favor Boxes. Leave it to Martha to glam up a toilet paper roll! She shares a printable for the bark, so you don’t need to have any special painting skills to make one just as nice as hers.

These are so classy looking, you might expect to see them in the White House! Do you know how many toilets are in the White House? Thirty!

And if you’ve got a LOT of TP rolls hanging around the house, you can use them to make a TP Roll Advent Calendar like this one Maya Made shares over at Women’s Day.

It might not take you as long as you think to collect this many toilet rolls. The average person visits the commode 6-8 times per day – a total of about 2,500 times per year!

I wanted to get in on the fun, too! I made a Toilet Paper Roll band in just 30 minutes, and shared it on my site dedicated to 30-minute crafts, Moore Craft Time. You can grab your TP rolls and a few fillers, and make some music (or at least some noise) in practically no time at all!

Did you know that your toilet is musical? Each time you press the lever, your toilet flushes at E Flat.

If you can’t wait for your TP to come off the roll… there is a whole book dedicated to Toilet Paper Origami. This is a book that actually belongs next to the commode!

A special thanks to the folks at Charmin for sharing the potty-related trivia! And if you want to see more toilet paper and toilet paper crafts, you can check out these toilet paper posts via One Pretty Thing!


Disclosure: I did not get compensated for telling you about national Toilet Paper Day, though the link to the Toilet Paper Oragami book is an affiliate link. But, I really wanted to tell you about this “holiday” because it is an excuse to share with you all these fun TP related posts. After all, I’d have to wait another 366 days to talk about this again. 

Yes, 366. 2012 is a Leap Year. 
Told ya crafters are smart!


  1. I love it! We are all about TP Roll projects over here. We made Superhero action figures last year and are gearing up for a marble maze while we wait out Irene.

  2. What a fun round-up! I think I might start saving up for that Advent Calendar. And that photo of you is adorable, Carolina!

  3. Lol,TP rolls have been an inspiration to many craft projects in my house.

    I absolutely love the Yule Log Favor Boxes….that’s just way to cool…..great line up and lots of TP inspiration.

  4. happy anniv sexy!! love your pic

  5. I love it – who would have thought that you could write an entire article on ‘toilet rolls and paper’ – NB : it is a good article too ~

    Actually, it’s amazing what you CAN do!


  6. so fun!

    I am actually collecting rolls at the moment to make something like this:

  7. This whole post made me smile! There seems to be a national day for just about anything.

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