Reindeer Footprint Christmas Cards

I saw this picture on Pinterest. Which led me to this post on the blog Life in Motion, which gave me the “genius idea” to make reindeer footprint Christmas Cards this year, using Little Moore’s footprint!

Every time I get out my giant box of paints, Little Moore begs to come paint with me. Usually, I try to distract him with some stamps, paper, and an inkpad. Which is much less messy. I thought it would be great to include him on this project – some mommy-son bonding time, getting to play with paints, and getting Christmas cards done all at the same time. Win-win-win… right?

I should explain my Christmas Cards. I mail out about 60 or so every year. Yeah. I do the whole card-and-Christmas-letter to all the family and friends. Including some that get mailed overseas. Not only is it a lot of stamps, but it is a lot of work. But I’ve done it since we got married, and love doing it.

Little Moore and I got started on this project last night. We went to Michaels and bought pipe cleaners, red sticky dots for noses, googly eyes (which are Little Moore’s absolute FAVORITE craft supply), and some glue to keep it all together. Plus blank cards and envelopes.

I got everything set up, even attaching this nifty roller-thing to the top of the paint to make it easy (and less messy) to apply the paint to Little Moore’s foot. It was awesome! Fast, great paint coverage… I couldn’t ask for more (and easy to clean, too… since the roller pops right off the spout). You can buy these for the Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid.

We only got 10 done before Little Moore decided he’d had enough. No bribing would convince him otherwise. At this rate, it will take a week to get all these cards printed…

…longer if you look closer and notice that EIGHT of the ten cards have the foot printed ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE CARD! (or upside down, depending on how you look at it). Sigh.

Two down, 58 to go…





  1. What a cute idea. I love it. A piece of you or your child in the card.

  2. Awwww, this is supercute! I’m going to send the idea to my little niece who has a new baby brother. I think she’ll love it : )

  3. I love this idea – to be honest I saw the cards with the foot on that side and thought you were making tags rather than cards.
    Good luck with getting them done.

  4. Those turned out beautiful!

  5. Haha, even with the slight mess up, these cards are awesome! Love them Cara!

  6. Very cute. Perhaps you could turn the ‘wrong-sided’ ones into bookmarks for cute handmade gifts?

  7. Really cute!

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