Back Pack for Little Moore

My son needed a bigger backpack to tote all of his toys around in. And there might have been an incident at preschool where he attempted to acquire a Dora backpack from a gal in class. Maybe. Something like that.

So, we went into mommy’s fabric stash to find a suitable fabric to make Little Moore his own “Pack-pack.” I let him pick what he liked best. Surprisingly, he chose a fabric covered in trucks. Which isn’t really the surprising part – the surprising part is that he had a quilt made out of this fabric in his nursery when he was an infant. I wonder if it made some kind of impression? Though, he probably just likes trucks.

Well, it took a couple weeks for me to finish, between several other projects, but it DID get finished. No fancy tutorial or step-by-step. I decided to design it as I went, and there are plenty of flaws, so you’d be better served by scouring the internet for a “real” backpack pattern. Or even grabbing an old backpack to use as a pattern.

Though this sucker isn’t perfect, it does the job. And LM knows that “mommy made it.” Just for him. With love. Which is what it is all about…



  1. Great work on making your son happy!

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