Crafterminds Trends Challenge – Keep Calm and Mustache On

Last month, I issued a crafty challenge to my craft-blogging friends over on Crafterminds. We made a list of crafting trends, everything from pennants to pallets, and lots between. The challenge was to use as many of the trends as possible, and come up with a single project. Here is my result, and the trends I was able to incorporate.

I made a “Keep Calm and Mustache On” poster. I painted it all on canvas, doing all the lettering by hand… except the mustache, which is actually a furry stick-on mustache that I got at the party store!

Here are the trends I incorporated: (1) The color scheme of red/grey/aqua, with aqua (2) chevron border, that is (3) ombre. The middle is a variation on (4) “Keep Calm and Carry On” with a (5) mustache, done in the style of (6) subway art. At the top are (7) pennants that are held in place with (8) birds.

I had a blast putting this together, and love the final result! I thought this would be another project that would get tossed aside… but as a mom of boys, who grew up with 3 brothers, I find myself looking for a place in my house to hang it!

Now, go check out the other challenge projects! (or… link up your own!)


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  1. Hee! Brilliant! Considering it squishes in 8 trends, this is very elegant!

  2. I saw a shirt that reminds me of this: I (drawing of a mustache) you a question, but I’ll just shave it for later.
    Puns FTW!

  3. Ombre chervon? Love it! This is so cute, Cara!

  4. I love it! The birds are fantastic and I love the ombre chevron.

  5. I love this!! 🙂

  6. Ombre chevron is the icing on this cake. Now you need to make it into a printable!

  7. Mega trend crushing post! Brilliant!

  8. I never much cared for the chevron trend, but with the ombre I like it! Maybe it’s because I still love the ombre trend and have yet to use it. Impressive that there are 8 trends in that small frame!

  9. That’s so cute! I love how you did the ombre!

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