The Strip-Tease Quilt

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If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you know that while I love all kinds of crafting, I have a special love for fabric, quilts, and challenges of any kind.

I also love unique ideas. The “Charming Solids” club at Pink Chalk Fabrics is defiantly a unique idea! Most quilt shops offer “charm packs,” which are pre-cut 5″ squares from an entire line of Moda fabrics. Great for all kinds of projects. Some shops have put together “charm clubs” where you get one or more of these charm packs every month. Pink Chalk fabrics took it one step further. If you follow Pink Chalk Fabrics on Facebook, you’ve seen the fun color-matching they do. They’ve combined this with charm packs to form the “Charming Solids Club” where members get 2 charm packs and 6 extra-wide fat eighths each month (a fat eighth is a 1/4 yard of fabric, that is cut along the fold, resulting in an 1/8 yard cut of fabric that is wider than a “traditional” 1/8 yard cut… a traditional fat eighth is 9″ by 1/2 width of fabric, Pink Chalk adds an extra 1″ to make it 10″ wide, so that it is more usable in combination with the 5″ charm pack squares).

I’m challenging myself to make SOMETHING out of each month’s bundle. Out of the first month’s package, I made up this quilt, which I call “Strip-Tease”.

Here are basic instructions if you wanted to make something similar:
Finished size: about 44″ x 63″

Requirements: 2 charm packs and 6 “extra wide” fat eighths.

1. I put the charm squares into 3 piles – a dark, medium, and light.
2. Then I divided each pile in half, a darker and lighter half, so that I had 6 piles.
3. Each of the 14 squares in the 6 piles were stitched together in a random order to make 6 strips.
4. Each extra-wide fat eighth of solid fabric was cut into 3 strips – one 5″, one 3″, and one 2″.
5. I randomly stitched 3 different colored fat eighths of the same width together, to make 6 strips out of the solids. Two 5″, two 3″, and two 2″.
6. I laid out all my charm strips and solid strips, to decide the order, and then stitched all the strips together.
7. Ta-da! Quilt top! Now, time to quilt and bind… I’m thinking long, straight lines of quilting…



  1. I love the colors:) I like simple ideas that give a great impact and this quilt is great! Thanks for sharing it; I needed the inspiration tonight:)

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