Beaded Shamrock Earrings

I’m planning on going to an event tomorrow… well at this point it is today, but when I started this project, it would have been tomorrow – St. Patty’s Day. And I realized that I don’t have any green maternity clothes. My insomnia came in handy, and in a few short hours I whipped up these Beaded Shamrock Earrings. If you have the supplies handy, you could make a pair for yourself to wear tonight!

I used large silver jump rings (though gold might have been more in keeping with the St. Patrick’s Day theme), beading thread, a beading needle, green beads, some 28 gauge beading wire, and 2 small jump rings to attach the earring wires. Pliers and wire cutters came in handy, too.
I started by tying one end of the beading thread to a large jump ring.
I added two beads. To tie down the second bead, I went (1) over to the second bead (2) through the bead and around the jump ring (3) back up the bead. I repeated these steps over and over to add more and more beads around the ring.
Once I got all the way around the ring, I tied off the thread. I made 3 beaded rings per earring. Once I made the rings, I needed to attach them. I stitched my thread through a bead on one ring and then a bead on the other, went around the jump ring, back through the beads, and around the other jump ring. I went around and around about 4 times, making sure to pull the thread tight.
I attached the third beaded jump ring the same way to both the two rings already connected, so that all three were securely connected to each other.
Time to make the stem! Using about 5″ of beading wire, I strung about 18-20 beads, and looped the wire through them all a second time, then pulled tight.
I attached the string to two of the bottom beads in the beaded circles, then trimmed the beading wire and tucked the ends back into the stem to secure them away.
I then repeated the whole process for the second earring.
Lastly, turning the beaded shamrocks into actual earrings by attaching the earring wires with smaller jump rings.

Hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll be drinking limeaid instead of green beer… but these cute earrings will guarantee me pinch protection!


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  1. Very cool! Love how they turned out.

  2. Cutest shamrock earrings ever!

  3. Those are SO stinking cute! It’s cool to wear shamrocks for Easter, right? No?? Dang…


  4. These are so neat!! I’m terrible at jewelry but pinning anyway! 🙂

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