Simple Ruffle Headband – Headband Week

This simple ruffled headband is so fun to make! And, it adds a fun punch of color to any outfit. There is nothing particularly “fancy” or over-the-top about this headband. Which is probably what makes it one of my favorites. I’m not a very adventurous dresser. Simple is good. But a little bit of fun or whimsy is even better.

You’ve probably seen similar headbands made with elastic running down the center. Those never stay put. Not on my head. Maybe I have a funny-shaped head, but I think I’m not the only one, considering that many of those elastic headbands started being made with grippy-rubber stuff to keep them in place. Which, incidentally, also don’t stay put on my head. That is why I made this headband was made with a traditional headband down the middle. Simple. Stays put. And doesn’t require re-doing my hair in order to put it back in place. It bears repeating – simple is good.

This is the headband I picked up at the dollar store. Tacky feathers and all.
I stripped it down completely, taking off all the super-sticky glue that was holding everything in place. Taking off all the glue is important.
I cut a strip of fabric 2.5″ wide, by the entire width of fabric.
This was stitched into a tube, with a 1/4″ inch seam. I turned the tube right-side out, then pressed it with the seam running down the middle of the back, so it will be hidden on the finished headband.
I stitched down each side, a little more than 1/4″ in from the edge. This leaves a nice “track” down the middle to thread the headband.
With the seam-side towards the inside, I threaded the strip on the headband, making sure it didn’t fall off the far end.
After threading the ruffle all the way on the headband, I tucked in the ends, and stitched them down, then stitched around the metal band tightly to keep the ruffle in place.
This is my last tutorial for Headband Week, but the fun doesn’t stop here! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a headband round-up with LOTS of headband ideas! Make sure to stop by for the conclusion of Headband Week.


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