Dinosaur Baby Nursery – Painted Dinosaur Canvas

Today I’m showing you the painted dinosaur canvasses that I made to hang on the walls of the baby’s room. Now before you think I’m some fancy free-hand artist like my friend Colleen, I’ll tell you that I totally cheated. These are VERY easy to make!

I started with a pack of 7 canvasses that I bought at Michael’s. Super inexpensive, I painted up 5 of them and I still have 2 left over! Going to my stash of Martha Stewart paints, I covered each completely in a background color that went with the fabric. Luckily, this fabric has a lot of awesome color going on, so I had plenty of paints that matched up. I ended up choosing the 3 lightest colors as background colors.
Then, here is my cheat, I traced the dinosaurs from the free dinosaur quilt pattern designed for the Babysaurus fabric line. Yup, I didn’t free-hand these dinos, just traced and transferred over. I didn’t even have to re-size the images! Had I not had the applique patterns handy, I could have taken the fabric to a copy machine and enlarged the designs, but this was even easier. And I like easy!
Then it was a matter of filling in the areas. I didn’t worry about the dinosaurs being the same color combinations as the focus fabric, I just had fun with it.
I kept filling in shapes until they were all painted. Kind-of like paint-by-number, but without the pesky numbers. You can see here that I have a faint pencil line 2″ from the edge of the frame. I added that line around each frame so that I could frame the paintings with the fabric.
 Using 3″ strips of the fabric, I added a generous coat of ModPodge to the back of the fabric strip, and put it on the canvas, lined up with my pencil line. Then I wrapped the fabric around the edges, and coated with more ModPodge.
For the fabric with the stripes, I tried to line up the stripes in the corners by mitering them. In some cases it worked, in others not so much…
All that was left was to take a fine point permanent marker and trace around my dinosaurs to give them definition. I could have used black paint and a fine paintbrush, but a marker is so much easier, and gives me more control for an even line. I then added mouths and eyes with the same marker, and was all done!

I’ll be posting more nursery reveal projects all week… tomorrow I’m going to show you how I made a dinosaur-shaped rug! You won’t want to miss it!



  1. These are TOO cute, Cara! Love the fabric borders. Just perfect.

    And, hey, if I had some patterns, I’d do exactly the same thing! But thanks for the shout-out 🙂

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