Dinosaur Baby Nursery – Valence

When putting together the nursery, my first project was creating a valence. A simple way to add a pop of color, incorporate the theme fabric, and spruce up the window. I used the adorable Babysaurus fabric by Little Yellow Bicycle in the Olive and Red Pallets.

I started by cutting strips based on the size I wanted my final valence. An 8″ strip of the stripe, a 4″ strip of the red dot, and a 15″ strip of the main dino fabric. I pressed the 4″ stripe in half for a little focal pop, and then put the raw edges of all 3 together and pinned, as you can see here. The length was the width of fabric. I used 2 widths of fabric stitched together to get a valence that was between 1.5 and 2 times the width of the window, which makes for a nice full valence.
I then rolled up the main fabric and then folded up the stripe and pinned it in place with the rolled up dino fabric on the inside. This will make for a nice, finished-looking bottom edge.
I then stitched all the way down the pinned edge. 
Then I turned the tube right side out, and pressed everything flat.
I folded over the sides, and stitched down for a pretty finished edge.
Then I needed to stitch the top so that it could be hung on the rod. I used a piece of paper and drew a line 1/2 inch from the top, then 3 inches from the top. I pressed the fabric over, using the first line as a guide, then did the same thing a second time, using the second line as a guide.
After pinning and stitching, it was all set to hang!



  1. What cute fabric!! Love the tip to use paper to help guide the foldover. I bet you are getting excited for that little guy to arrive! 🙂

  2. So adorable! Can’t wait to see the whole room when finished! Hope I get to see you tomorrow night!!

  3. Adorable!! Love the dinosaur fabric! 🙂

  4. Look at how fancy you are – love this! The room really came together.

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