Scrappy Rectangular Log Cabin Pillow

I loved the scrappy quilt I made, and wanted to make a big, comfy pillow for the couch on the opposite side of the room. I cut 2″ strips of the leftover fabric for the log cabin, and 4″ strips for the border.

A traditional Log Cabin block is square. I wanted to use a standard-size pillow in mine, so I started with a rectangular strip in the middle, instead of the traditional square. Other Log Cabin traditions are to use red in the middle (this symbolizes the heart or hearth of the home), and to have light colors on one side, and dark on the other. I kept red in the middle, and somewhat kept to the light/dark theme, with lights on the left and bottom, and darker fabrics on the opposite sides.

After finishing the block, I framed it in the numbers fabric. I quilted the pillow top by making a “quilt sandwich” with inexpensive fabric on the back, and batting in the middle. I used inexpensive, plain fabric, because this will just be hidden inside the finished pillow, so no need to get fancy. The three layers were pinned together with a TON of safety pins. I quilted the pillow top using a “stitch in the ditch” on the log cabin, and concentric rectangles in the numbers fabric. I chose simple stitching so that I could stick with my walking foot. After the pillow top was quilted, I trimmed it to size and added the pillow back. Once I stuffed in a pillow, and was done!

Super simple, takes a little bit of time – but it can be done in an afternoon. And it is super comfy!


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