Athletic Sock Monkey

My local quilt shop is having a sock monkey contest. I’d never made a sock monkey before, but I have an addiction to entering contests, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Having boys in the house, I wanted a masculine, athletic sock monkey, so I came up with this guy.

I used the standard sock monkey instructions that come on the inside of the package of Rockford Red Heel socks. It was fairly simple to make… the clothing was the much more challenging part!

I did make a few small changes to the Monkey, the most obvious being that I gave my monkey thumbs. And defined his hands. I thought this was a little more fun than the standard sock monkey hands.

Because I’m entering him in a contest, I figured that if I sent him in with Gold Medals, he would come out with Gold medals as well. The contest winner gets $100 gift card to the shop. I could do a lot of damage with $100!!

 The medals are large buttons that I painted with a couple coats of gold paint, and then a coat of Gold Glitter paint. After the buttons were dry, I stitched each to a length of ribbon and hung them around his neck.

Voting starts on Wednesday – wish me luck!


  1. Your monkey is adorable! You should definitely win with all of those medals around his neck!

  2. I love him! Those gold buttons are so cute! I want to vote, but I’m guessing it’s not online. I’m voting in spirit!

  3. your monkey is just adorable!! he is so much cuter than the ones you can buy at the store!! good luck!! xoxox

  4. Oh my gosh!! I love him!! He’s AWESOME and so appropriate for the olympics. Best one I’ve seen!! Hope all is well, miss seeing a visiting with you!!

  5. He’s really cute. Oh! As I read the “Athletic Sock” monkey headline, I realized you should make one out of those old school tube socks. 🙂

  6. OMW! Your monkey is adorable! I love it and think you could sell those for $$!! Here’s to hoping that you win!

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