Introducing Deal or Bust

I love getting a good deal. I love keeping my dollars local. And I love giving back to my community. Today I get to introduce you to a site that lets me do all three… Deal or Bust.

Deal or Bust is a new kind of daily deal site. They focus on working with local businesses (emphasis on local), and offering great deals to the community. But they don’t stop with local businesses. They then find local charities and while promoting that cause, they donate a percentage of their proceeds to the local charity or local chapter of the charity.

… and then take it a step even further. For each deal there is a “bust point.” This is a set number of deals. When that number of deals has been purchased, the deal has “busted” and one of the purchasers gets their deal FREE! Regardless of the number of deals purchased, if you buy the deal, it is yours… you don’t have to wait for a set number of deals to go through in order for yours to be honored.

So, with Deal or Bust, you get great deals, at local businesses, while supporting local charities… AND get a chance to get your deal FREE!

For the next three days, the local charity that will benefit from the deals purchased is the Ronald McDonald House of Las Vegas. You’ve probably heard of it, but may not know what it does.

¬†There are Ronald McDonald Houses all over the country, and they provide housing for the families of sick kids, so that they can stay close during treatment. For families in rural areas, or who have children that need to go to a specific hospital for specialized treatment, these houses are a lifesaver. Rather than travel hours each day between home and the hospital – which eats up valuable time, and can be dangerous if done while exhausted – or spend a small fortune paying for a hotel, RMH gives families a local place to stay close to the hospital. This safe, local environment is filled with other families that understand, because they’re going through the same thing. It provides comfort in a time when comfort is what is most needed. It helps provide a sense of home and normalcy when a child is sick – when nothing else makes sense. How do I know all this? I stayed in a house just like RMH when my cousin was diagnosed with Leukemia. His mom, little brother and I were able to stay close, cook meals, and do laundry close by, without having to drive over 2 hours each day.

Sign up for daily e-mails from Deal or Bust, so you’ll never miss out on an opportunity for a great deal… one that gives back to the awesome charities in our community.

And if you’re not from Vegas… but planning on a trip out here sometime soon, make sure you check out the daily deals as well… there might be some great ones for you to take advantage of when you’re here!

You can also check out Deal or Bust on Facebook.

updated: Check out this awesome giveaway courtesy of Deal or Bust – a trip to Brianhead! All the details can be found on the Vegas Bloggers Blog.

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions, as always, are totally mine.


  1. A great charity! As someone who’s done that very thing (spending a lot to stay in a hotel when someone was ill), I know that the Ronald McDonald House is a HUGE help for families who are already going through a rough time. It’s awesome that they will be getting a percentage of the profits from Deal or Bust.

  2. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great charity!

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  5. Thanks! I shared as Vanessa Barker

  6. I just heard about a charity that recycles used soap from hotels and sends it to 3rd world countries. I think it’s amazing what one idea can turn into and help so many lives!

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