Kids Quilt Camp Complete!

Well, I finished up a week of teaching kids quilt camp! I had twelve students in class, and most of these young ladies had never sat behind a sewing machine before! By the time they left, they could wind a bobbin, thread their machine, oil their machine, change the needle, troubleshoot basic machine issues… and of course – sew!

On the first day we practiced sewing on paper, including doing several dot-to-dots to learn control and pivoting.

Then the girls got to stitch together some cards.

 Each day the girls worked on different projects, learning to sew on buttons, and make a lunchbag that they can use when school starts in the fall.

You might have noticed that all the machines look the same. Quiltique set up the class so that the girls spent the week sewing on their own brand new Bernette sewing machine… which they took home with them at the end of the week!

Here is the last day, the girls working on layering their quilts. All of them got their quilt tops done, and most were finishing up their tying before the end of the last day!

Each girl got to pick her own fabrics, so each quilt is unique to her.

I’m teaching an advanced sewing camp in August, for kids 10 and up who already know the basics of sewing – we’ll be working on a different project each day.


  1. This is awesome and looks like so much fun Carolina! I’m glad someone is teaching the next generation! 🙂

  2. Oh wow I wish my mom signed me up for something similar when I was younger!! That’s awesome!! xoxo

  3. I am so impressed! Look at those quilts from 1st time sewers! Carolina, you my dear, are quite fabulous! Can’t wait to see how the advanced class does…I will be looking for pictures!

  4. You go, girl! I taught my daughters to sew on a machine when they turned nine! But didn’t have those wonderful dot-to-dot pix. We used those very basic coloring books with the super wide lines around the objects. Didn’t put any thread in the machine till they could stop and start, at will, and stay centered on the lines. Then we used those very simple shorts and top outfits from Simplicity, so they made their summer fun outfits. The oldest then want a pattern for overalls with that HeeHaw design and did a great job — all by herself. The youngest started designing clothes for her dolls. It’s never too soon to teach young people how to do things for themselves. I always figured that, if they could figure out the rules to Monopoly, they could do basic sewing and tumble-dry clothes. Keep up the good work. They’re blessed to have you.

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