Art Gallery Fabrics – August Challenge

The August Art Gallery Challenge was to make an apron, using a technique from a previous month. I finished this project just under the wire, getting my entry in with only minutes to spare!

I used the ruffle from month 6, the solids from month 3, and the raw edge applique from the first month.

My mom recently asked if she could see all my entries in one place. Though Art Gallery Fabrics picks one winner each month, those of us who have been participating continuously are in the running to win a sewing machine! I’ve gotten my projects in on time every month so far! Here are all my projects for the contest, you can click on them to go to the individual posts… some have tutorials, but some do not.

So far I was lucky enough to win one challege, the headband. But, I have a whole 4 months left to get another win in… and who knows, I could win this month!


  1. OOH GOOD LUCK!! the apron looks super fancy!! And with Thanksgiving coming up! You can totally wear it while you’re superwoman and cooking a feast with one hand and sewing with the other!! xoxo

  2. Ohhhh! I want one of these!!! Can I hire you to make matching ones for Alina and I?! So cute!

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