E.L.F. – Eyes, Lips, Face Shoppertunity

I’m a busy mom who doesn’t find enough time for herself. If there were 30 hours in the day, I’d probably spend 2 of my extra hours doing laundry, 2 just playing with the kids, and 2 preparing more healthy meals. Yes, even with 6 extra hours in the day… I still wouldn’t have enough time to add in some “me time.” Sound familiar? If you are a working mom, a stay at home mom, a work at home mom, or any kind of woman at all (even a guy very in touch with his feminine side), you can probably relate.

That’s why I was excited to get to try e.l.f. cosmetics. My makeup is a mish-mash of products that is heavy on concealer for my dark circles, and light on style. I went to WalMart to see what they had to offer… and the first thing that struck me was the prices!

I studied advertising and marketing in college. And one of the statistics that always struck me is that during a recession, lipstick sales go up. Because it is a little splurge for us women. Well, thanks to e.l.f. you can have a little splurge that replenishes your entire make-up drawer! You can see more of my shopping trip in my Google + album.

I was specifically interested in these Beauty-on-the-go sets. A case for $3, which includes a large mirror, and a make-up strip for another $3 – and I can carry my eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss in my purse – and it takes up less space than a size 3 diaper!

Here are the elf cosmetics I selected. I love that the eyeliner pencils come with sharpeners. A sharp pencil is key to lining eyes. But my favorite product is the cuticle pen on the left. As a craft blogger, my hands often end up in photos I post here, and this pen is so easy to use! I now keep it by my bedside and run it over my cuticles once or twice a day. You can find more elf cosmetics at eyeslipsface.com.

Here is my less-than-glamorous before picture. I’ve showered, and put my hair into a sock-bun for some easy curls. Easy is essential when you have a baby and a preschooler needing constant attention!

Yup, we’ll go ahead and keep this picture small.

I liked the pressed powder. But like all pressed powders, I applied it with a large makeup brush, rather than the pouf it comes with. I find this gives me a smoother, lighter coat of makeup. And I like a more natural look.

Here is the Beauty on the Go kit in Action. Love it! Plenty of color options in just the right tones for me, and a nice big mirror so that I can compare both eyes to make sure I’ve made them up evenly. I’m not the only one who has had those days where you later realize you have only lined one eye, right?

 Here I am halfway through. I’ve used e.l.f. concealer under my eyes, brushed the pressed powder all over, and used the highlighter (on the other end of the concealer) on my eyelids.

Here is my finished face. I look natural… but a whole lot more relaxed – and well-rested!

Because I applied the makeup with a light touch, you can see my natural freckles come through. Makeup is about accentuating what I’ve got… not covering it up! And I won’t be rubbing off makeup onto my sons as I hug them and play with them during the day. But, I still have that “put together” look. You know, the one that says, “Sure I can rock a pair of sweats, but I know how to look good, too!”

Want to learn more about #eyeslipsface and e.l.f.? Check out the e.l.f. website, follow e.l.f. on twitter, or visit e.l.f. on facebook.

Tell me… do you rock a pair of sweats during the day, or do you have a more pulled-together look?

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  1. Great post, Carolina! You’re a lot of fun to read and a brave woman for posting all those photos of yourself! Well, I think you looked great in them all, but the final ones…oohlala!

  2. I love E.L.F. i’ve been wearing it for about three years. Plus, they always a few great discounts to pick from on their website!

  3. You look gorgeous in all the pictures, but I can relate to not taking enough time out for us. Love ELF; great post!

  4. You are beautiful!! You don’t need make up, but it always feels good to put a lil gloss on our lips 🙂


  5. You look great!! 🙂

  6. Freckles are adorable and shouldn’t be covered up!

  7. I love the color on your lips.

  8. I love those before and afters. You look amazing!

  9. I couldn’t believe the prices either! I love it…. and I love your natural choices.

  10. Nice job! It’s a little intimidating posting up close pictures of the person who is normally behind the camera, isn’t it? I also posted pictures of me with my new ELF products… 🙂 What a fun opportunity.

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