Christmas Ornament with Quarter Square Triangles

I love quilted triangles. They are fun, but were not always easy for me to make. I now have some tricks and tools to make my triangles turn out just right. I used those to make this Christmas ornament out of quarter-square triangles.

 I started with four 5″ squares, two of each color. If you have pre-cut 5″ squares, those would work great. I stitched all the way around all 4 sides of each pair (with right sides together), 1/4″ away from the edge.

I then cut both sets into an X shape.

Each triangle set was pressed, with the seam towards the darker side.

I used my quick quarter ruler to mark down the middle, diagonally, going the opposite way of the previous seam. The  quick quarter ruler lets me make 3 lines. One down the middle for cutting, and one on either side for sewing.

After being pressed, each square was trimmed down and squared up. I put a silver dot on my ruler to mark where the center of my block should be. This makes 8 squares. We’ll only need 6 for this project, so there will be two left over for a future project. 
After making the 8 squares, I stitch 4 end-to-end, and press the seams open.

Here is the front of the squares stitched together.

 The two remaining are the sides.Starting 1/4″ from the back edge, I stitch each side up to 1/4″ before the edge. When I get to the next edge, I anchor my stitches, lift my presser foot, and start the next side 1/4″ away from the edges.

Here is the block with one side still missing. When attaching these sides, tuck in a loop of ribbon to use to hang the ornament later.

After all four sides have been put on, It is time to turn the cube right side out. Then stuff it. Full. The more it is stuffed, the less it will look like a cube, and the more it will look like a sphere.

After filling the ornament with batting, I stitched the opening closed by hand. Such a quick and easy way to create a hand-made ornament… now maybe I’ll embellish it. How would you embellish this ornament?



  1. Love the idea!! Would be cute to sew a pic of your boys on it 🙂 with the year!!! Might have to do this and pass out to all the aunts/uncles with Lil m’s face 🙂

  2. This is really cute. I’m in the process of doing several HST projects right now.

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