Sunday Share Day

I don’t get very personal on this blog. It has been a craft space for the last two and a half years. I’ve only given you a few small glimpses outside my craft room.

When I first started blogging, many people still thought of blogging as a strange way that people over-shared their lives on the internet. I purposely pulled myself in the opposite direction, sharing very little of myself and my family.

I’d like to give you a little “Moore” of me. My crafts are very much me… but so are the little people that populate my life! Some Sundays (not every Sunday), I’ll share a couple pictures of my week. Of what is going on outside of blogland and my crafty space. I hope you’ll enjoy these small moments.

Since I can’t hug my wonderful readers in person, you’ll have to settle for some cuteness instead!


  1. Aww your boys are so handsome!! Makes me miss you so much!!! I need a trip to your area soon!! ….

  2. Love this! Your little men are so handsome!

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