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I love the Holidays. From October through February. Yup, February. For nearly half the year I’m immersed in the sights, sounds, and scents of the season. The seasonal scent that goes back to my childhood is the smell of coffee brewing. So, when I had the chance to try this delicious pairing of Starbucks Dark Italian Roast and Chocolate Muffins, I jumped at the chance!
Some years, I host the family at my house for Thanksgiving. This year, it is just the four of us. I’ll take it easy, but still cook up a turkey with the familiar sides. The day after Thanksgiving is when the real fun begins. No, I don’t fight the Black Friday crowds. Instead, I stay home and break out the boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations. And for that I’ll need my sustenance!

I headed out to WalMart to get my coffee and muffins. I’d been told that the Starbucks Dark Italian Roast paired well with Chocolate muffins. Mmmmm… chocolate. Luckily, I was able to grab the last package of chocolate chip muffins from The Bakery at Walmart.

After I brewed my coffee, I tasted it. The rich, dark flavors. The waves and layers. Is it possible for a smooth liquid to still have texture? A texture of flavors. A flavor of textures. I took another sip so that I could appreciate the flavor.
Then I took a bite of the muffin. A couple bites. The dense, spongy cake speckled with chunks of chocolate. Yum.
After tasting the muffin, I tasted the coffee again. The flavor had gotten richer. Deeper. Like I was eating Tiramisu at a cafe in Italy. I tasted all those notes. The richness. The sweetness. Caramel and chocolate. The chocolate enhanced the coffee, and the coffee responded.

While I was doing my tasting, my favorite 4-year-old assistant wanted to help. I wasn’t surprised that my preschooler didn’t want to taste the coffee… but was happy to help me devour the chocolate muffins! Mom and son – yet another great pairing!

 After we had our snack, he decided it was time to start decorating. It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but I’d pulled out the Christmas boxes, so it was time to get to work! I wasn’t prepared to pull out all the garland, nutcrackers, and lights… but we did do a little decorating.

We enjoyed putting the tree up, and I’m looking forward to this Friday, and more #DeliciousPairings as we infuse our house with the spirit of the holidays.

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  1. How sweet is your son and this post? Perhaps made sweeter by the muffins and coffee, too. Adorable, seriously!

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