Online Ordering Arrival Checklist


I did tons of holiday shopping online this year. I did some local shopping, a lot of online shopping, and a little bit of big-box store shopping.

The tricky thing about ordering from over half-a-dozen sites online is making sure that everything has arrived. I did once have a box disappear from my doorstep (or perhaps it was never delivered, I’ll never know…) so I want to track all of my shipments to make sure that they arrive.

To make things easy, I created this online order arrival checklist. And I made it a printable, so you can use it too! I don’t always fill out every blank for every order – just what makes sense. I have the list taped to my front door (with washi tape of course) so that I can check off each item as it arrives!

And now I’m thinking I need to do more to make my entryway cuter… hmmm…


  1. ooh love this idea! it’s so much better than “starring” my emails and remembering to delete the email once the package arrives!! thanks 🙂

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