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You seriously have to check out this craft supply site. It is a total craft supply online warehouse at your fingertips… while you are hanging out on the couch in your PJs watching your kids take turns making eachother laugh. Yes. It is crafting heaven.

I’ve shopped at Consumer Crafts several times. I got the adorable chenille bumblebees I used for the Winnie the Pooh shower there. I’ve purchased Christmas Presents from Consumer Crafts. All kinds of awesome stuff!

One of my goals for the new year is to clean out my crafting space. So I really don’t need a bunch of new supplies. But when I saw that Consumer Crafts had their basics on sale (hurry! sale ends on February 4th!), I knew I couldn’t pass this up… after all, their prices are already low – and now another 25% off with FREE shipping on orders over $100??

consumer crafts, craftbasics daricebridal

It just makes good sense to stock up on some basics… like new paintbrushes…

So I can finally toss all those old ones that never got fully cleaned. That totally fits in my “cleaning and organizing” goal…
And while I was on the site I checked out their googly eyes…

 …and cording…

 …and patterned Duck Tape…

…and paint… and dowels… and masks… and cords… and magnets… and baker’s twine… and books… and paper punches… and felt…

I’m not sure what all made it into my cart, but quite a bit hopped in and is being shipped right to my door! Such a convenient way to get my crafty fix. And when the box arrives, it’ll be like Christmas all over again as I get to dig through all the fun stuff! Make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram pictures if you want to see what all I picked out!

Just in case you made the same clean and organized resolution that I did, and need to stock up on some basics to get your crafting space back in order, the sale runs through February 4th! Shop now!

Save up to 25% on your favorite crafting supplies NOW through Feb 4th @Consumer_Crafts! #craftbasics

I wrote this post as part of a campaign with Consumer Crafts and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.


  1. ooh always fun to buy new things 🙂 yay for sales and coupons

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