I’m Teaching at Riley Blake Fabric Fest!!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I shared the #instaquilt that I made start-to-finish in 24 hours? Well, there was a HUGE reason that I couldn’t quite share yet (and if you read the title of this post you already know why…) I’M GOING TO BE TEACHING AT RILEY BLAKE FABRIC FEST!!!

My family and friends already know why this is extra-exciting. Of course, it is going to be awesome to be at the conference, which takes place here in Las Vegas. And yes, it is awesome that I’m going to be there representing the shop that I teach at (Quiltique, in Henderson – if you’re ever close, do yourself a favor and get lost in the fabric there for a while). But the number one most awesome thing about teaching at Fabric Fest? Eleanor Burns.

Nearly 20 years ago, my mom sent me to quilt camp to learn how to quilt. The quilt camp she sent me to was Quilt in a Day in San Marcos. I made a Log Cabin quilt – but not before cutting myself on the first day with a rotary cutter. As I was sitting on the bench waiting for my aunt to pick me up so that I could get a couple stitches, Eleanor sat by me and we chatted. I had seen her fabric-tossing videos with my mom, and I was star-struck to be sharing stories of quilting “war wounds” with this legend. And now, I’ll be teaching at the same conference she is. I never would have imagined this 20 years ago…

If you’re coming to Vegas for Fabric Fest, I look forward to seeing you there! And I’m sure you would love the class I’m teaching… Fast Quilts with Rolie Polies (#24 on the schedule).


  1. EEEK congratulations! I am so excited for you!!! can’t wait to hear how it goes! and to see pics! xoxo

  2. Congratulations, Carolina. What a great opportunity for you!

  3. Congrats – I love the backstory!!

  4. yay! what a fun back story!


  1. […] My Tuesday afternoon class was with Eleanor as well. If you haven’t read about my connection with Eleanor, you have to go read the whole story in the post where I talk about teaching at fabric fest. […]

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