Oma is the Fixer

Whenever something is broken around our house, Little Moore says that Oma should come to fix it. My mom lives several hours away – close enough to drive, but far enough that we don’t see her every weekend. Between my parents coming here, and us going there, we usually see them at least every other month… and each time they are here, my son pulls out all the broken toys for Oma to take a look at.

This last visit, he presented Oma with a broken Thomas the Train. I was fairly certain that Thomas had a close encounter of the bathtub variety, and that his technology had been soaked beyond repair. LM said that Thomas had never been in the tub, and he thought it was either the battery or the gears.

The working parts he’s most familiar with are gears and batteries… so I went with it.

Oma patiently took the entier toy apart with him, even going to the store to find a special screwdriver with a triangle head. They cleaned off his gears, put him back together an… Thomas worked! Oma was a hero. Again.

I love the relationship my son has with his Oma. She shows him how to fix things. He sees that women can use tools as well as men. He looks up to her and learns from her. And loves her.


  1. You are so lucky to have Oma.

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