Crystal Pendant Necklace

Several years ago, my oldest son picked some simple flowers from our backyard, and presented them to me. It was so sweet that I pressed them and kept them in a frame. The frame has been tucked away in a corner of my craft room… and I wanted to use these flowers for something a that would get a little more exposure. I thought I’d put a dried flower on the back of a crystal and use it as a pendant necklace. And I’m wild about how this turned out!

Large Crystal (I used the clear 2.5″ rectangle from We Got Crystal)
Mod Podge
Pressed and Dried Flower
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Jump Ring

I started by using the Mod Podge to set the dried flower to the back of the crystal. I put down a thin layer of Mod Podge, and pressed down the flower.

I then added a layer of Mod Podge on top. I let this dry overnight.

The next day I added the jump ring to the top of the crystal, and then put on a layer of Dimensional Magic. Dimensional Magic is self-leveling. Meaning that it needs to be on a flat surface. The back of the crystal is flat, but the front is faceted. To keep the crystal flat, I folded up a towel underneath the crystal.

I let the Dimensional Magic dry overnight. Then added another layer, and let it dry again. Then added a third layer. I wanted to really build up the back to protect the flower. Between each layer, I removed any excess Dimensional Magic that seeped through the holes in the crystal to the front. This was easy to do with a sharp knife, it came right off!

The flower was purple, but after the first coat of Dimensional Magic it went brown. At first I was shocked by the color change, but now I love it. It gives it a very vintage look!

… and now I can enjoy this sweet sentiment from my son all the time!


  1. aww this is a great idea!! and so sweet!!! 🙂 xoxo

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