New Headshot Photo!

While at SNAP, I had a new headshot photo taken! It seemed like a great idea… while I was dressed in something other than yoga pants, and had taken time to do my hair and put on a little makeup… plus with so many insanely talented bloggers around who could take a good photo.

I was able to snag Kendra from My Insanity for 5 minutes before a meal. We took this photo in front of the show barn. It took about 5 tries to get me to smile BIG, but we captured a new photo that will soon be replacing my old photo on all my social media channels! YAY!

I thought it was especially important because I had several bloggers tell me “You’re so much prettier in person than you are in your profile picture”. Which to me is an amazing compliment. It tells me that who I am in person is so much more than what I’m able to convey through words and photos. I was also told that I’m much more “irreverent” in person than I am online… which is probably true, and I will absolutely take as a compliment as well! HA!

What do you think? Does this picture look a little more like me? If you’ve met me in person – does “irreverent” describe me?


  1. aww you look so beautiful in this picture!!! miss your sexy face!! xoxo

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