Shopping for new Tools at the Home Depot

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

We have a joke in our house that although most of the tools in our house belong to my husband, I’m the one who uses them the most. He gets tools for birthdays and Christmas, and then I get to play with them. It works out great for me!

But sometimes he doesn’t have the tool that I need in his well-gifted arsenal. That is the case with gardening. Not being a big gardener, most of the garden tools are those that I have collected.

To get started on whipping our garden into shape, I headed to the Home Depot for some new tools with my son. You can watch a video on how we did… and see my 4-year-old be highly amused as he sticks his tongue out!

I have to tell you a story about the car cart…
When we arrived at The Home Depot, my son immediately asked for a Car Cart. He LOVES the car carts. We didn’t see any in the parking lot, so headed inside. At the door, an employee asked us if we needed help finding anything. My son told him we were looking for a car cart, and the employee (I think his name was Joe) immediately joined our search, and hopped on the radio to ask others for help. I was so impressed. But I was about to be blown away…
Joe told us that all the carts were in use. If one became available, he would snag it for us, and track us down. I thanked him, grabbed a regular cart, and we did our shopping.
About 20 minutes later, Joe found us. And he brought a car cart. My son was so excited. And I was so impressed. I want to stress here that these employees did not know that I was a blogger on a mission to do a series of posts sponsored by the Home Depot. They had no “special” reason to go out of their way for me… except they clearly cared that much. To the team at Home Depot #3324 – you blew me away. And that is NOT an easy thing to do!

We spent quite a bit of time selecting our gardening tools. We needed a rake so that we can return the rake currently in our garage to our neighbor (note to self: still need to bring rake to the neighbor), and some tools to make weeding easier, like the hoe and of course gloves.

I also made sure to get some small, lightweight tools for my son. He loves digging in the dirt, and I want to encourage him to get used to using “real” tools. We found a set of small plastic hand tools, that were lightweight and inexpensive. They are real tools – not kiddie plastic tools – and will last us for years. And I love that, being plastic, he won’t do as much damage if he bangs them against my bricks, sidewalk, fence posts… and whatever strikes the fancy of a 4-year-old boy.

We purchased some weed killer (this weed killer is a combination of weed killer and pest control: score!), for the side yard. I spent the better part of the day fixing up the side yard, I want to keep it weed-free.

Our last watering nozzle for our hose has gone “mysteriously” missing, so I had to buy a new one. You can see the two I purchased in this picture. One is a combo water+feed nozzle. It feeds the plants while watering them, which is great. My son loves to do this part. I knew he would. Which is why I bought the second nozzle. Although the MiracleGro Nozzle has an option to use it without the plant food portion, my son would play with it as if it was his own personal toy. Switching the feeding nozzle out for a standard nozzle when we are not feeding the plants means that he can still play with the different sprayer settings, without me worrying that he is “feeding” our sidewalk.

… stay tuned to see us in action as we #DigIn to get this yard whipped into shape!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.


  1. How sweet of that worker to track you down and grab a car cart for you!

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