Who do I send Birthday Invitations to?

I made my son’s birthday invitations for his upcoming birthday party…

I have sent out about half – to the out-of-town folks. I’m in the process of sending out invites to the in-town people.

Sending out invitations brings up a great question: Who do I send birthday invitations to?
I have an entire address book of people, and a phone filled with even more people, and a facebook profile with even MORE people. My house couldn’t

Here is how I choose. I invited the people that I would LOVE it if they came. I invited all the family… even my husband’s auntie and uncle out in Alabama. My aunt and cousins way up in Northern California. Even my BFF from way back in Jr. High. I was sure that none of these people would be able to come. They live far… too far to make it practical for them to come to a birthday party.

But I wanted them to know that they were invited.

And guess what? That Jr High BFF? She, her hubby, and three kiddos are coming out here for the party!

Some of the rest have already sent in their regrets. And even that is pretty cool. Because it gives me a chance to talk to them on the phone, or by e-mail, that I might not have had otherwise.

Who do you invite to parties?

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