Quilt Block Mania – Summer Tent Quilt Block

I’m so excited to share Summer Tent Quilt Block with you! A couple weeks ago, I got together with some quilting friends and decided we’d put together some FREE Summer-themed quilt blocks to share with all of you! All of these blocks finish at 12″ x 12″. You can download them all, or just your favorites. If you scroll all the way down you’ll find links to all the fabulous quilt blocks in this series!

This Moonlit Tent block was inspired by one of my favorite summer activities – camping! We had to put our camping plans on hold this summer, but we’re hoping to get back to putting up tents, making s’mores, and sleeping out under the trees very soon! In the meantime, this camping-themed quilt block will have to do, I suppose?

You can combine this quilt block with others in the series to make your own summer-themed quilt. Or, you can use a single quilt block to make a mini quilt, a tote bag, or a pillow!

To make this camping inspired tent block, you’ll be making half-rectangle-triangles. You’ve probably made half-square-triangles before. Half-rectangle-triangles are a whole different thing. For many reasons. One, is that when you make them you have to be very careful about making your right-facing triangles and your left-facing triangles. You can’t just turn your unit 90 degrees like you can with a HST. Another is that if you want perfect points (and we all want to at least try for perfect points, right?), you have to be very careful when squaring up your blocks. You need to be aware of the seam allowance as you square, because the seam isn’t at that perfect 45 degree angle like it is with an HST. I have some tips in the pattern that will help you as you make your block.

I’ve also put together a video that shows you how to find success with these tricky HRT blocks! You can watch it here… and if you’re not already a subscriber to my YouTube channel, click over to YouTube to subscribe! I have lots of fun stuff coming up you won’t want to miss!

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Here are links to all the blocks in the Quilt Block Mania Summer Series:
Camping Tent by Carolina Moore
Beach Umbrella by Jennifer Fulton
Flip Flops by Becca Fenstermaker
Summer Cocktail by Marian Pena
Beach Ball by Laura Piland
Popsicle by Sherry Shish
Curvy fish by Velda Roy
Angelfish by Lisa Amundson
Bucket and Shovel by Heidi Pridemore
Wonky Beach Umbrella by Jamie Siel
Starfish by Leanne Parsons
Sailboat at Sunset by Glenda Wilder
Yacht by Sue Griffiths
Food/Ice Cream Truck by Laura Strickland
Crab by Afton Warrick
Sleeping bag and star by Sarah Vanderburgh
Funky Flower by Kathryn LeBlanc
IceCream Cond by Sarah Marcina
Sunglasses by Celine Perkins
Sun by Charisma Horton
Hello Summer by Amarar Creacions
Tall Ships by Kris Driessen
Life Saver Preserver by Sandy Fitzpatrick
Dragon Fly by Julie Luoma
Up in The Air by Judit Hajdu
Surfboard by Susan Arnold
Beach Treasures by Linda Bratten
Two Scoops by Shari Butler
Free to Fly by Marcea Owen


  1. Love the tent block! Reminds me of camping in the woods as a kid! Super fun!

  2. Elizabeth Balcom says

    Thank you for the pattern

  3. Kris Driessen says

    As a camper, I always love to have blocks like these! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. We are tent campers, too! I love your block 🙂

  5. Adorable! Love this!

  6. Great blokc! It remind me the sky summer nights!

  7. Obrigada! Pela gentileza de nos dar um bloco tão lindo grátis e compartilhar o seu conhecimento. 🥰🥰💐

  8. Super cute tent block!

  9. Signed up for the weekly newsletter. Now how do I access my free pattern?

  10. Jinna Jeffery says

    I love these quilt blocks! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Very well explained. Full details always helps. Thank you.

  12. I love your pattern and I would like to get it. However, you say I must sign up for your newsletter. I have tried to sign up at least four different times and get absolutely no response from you. Please help me get the free copy of the tent in the moonlight.

  13. Monique Groom says

    OMG I see so many applications for this block!

  14. Jeanette Entringer says

    I’ve signed up several times to get the free Moonlit Tent Quilt Block and have yet to receive it. I also want to be added to your newsletter list. Thank you for the great block.

  15. Hi, I’ve been looking for a tent quilt block everywhere, and this is the perfect one! I signed up for your newsletter, but saw that folks had some issues getting signed. So I thought I’d comment just in case 😉

  16. hi

    Hi, Ive signed up for your newsletter also, and have not received the free Moonlight Tent quilt block. Thank you for working so hard to share your blocks with me!

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