Sparkler Quilt

The Sparkler quilt pattern looks like an intense quilt to make, but is simple to make using the Starburst 30 Degree ruler by Creative Grids. Using two red prints and two blue prints in addition to a blue and white solid adds a lot of movement and interest to this quilt.

A small quilt that is perfect to use as a BBQ table topper or a simple picnic blanket, this will be your go-to quilt for summer festivities. And you’ll never tire of getting compliments on this quilt! Pick your favorite reds and blues to make a simple quilt that has a lot of style.

To make this quilt, you’ll need the Starburst 30 Degree ruler. (Affiliate Link) You can buy the Starburst 30 Degree Ruler here. This video shows you how easy it is to use:

Purchase the Sparkler quilt using the button below:


  1. Hi, I love your new pattern! Other than BOX, is there a way to print it??
    Thank you.

  2. Rosemary B says

    thank you for your awesomeness as well, Carolina

  3. Rosemary B says

    is the Sparkler quilt pattern supposed to be mailed to my email address?
    So far I have not found it in my mail… yep I checked everywhere and I do not even know if my subscription went through?? ❣️❣️🥰🌟

    • Looks like there was a glitch and your email wasn’t logged into the system. I’ve fixed it, and the email should now be waiting in your inbox. <3


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