This week was brought to you by: the letter V

V is for Vacation. We just had a 3-day weekend, and I’m about to create another 3-day weekend for myself! The boys and I are having some fun this weekend… I’m sure I’ll be posting about it here soon!

I think I’ve earned it, considering all that I’ve been up to. This week the boys both needed to go to the doctor for a check-up (and shots!). Poor kids…

Remember all that work I did in the yard? Well, it is finally paying off! The Home Depot sponsored this campaign, but you can feel like a sponsored blogger by signing up for their e-mails! Just by signing up, you get $5 off your first $50 purchase, plus $300 of savings year-round! Sign up here with the Code GCSweeps

Earlier this week I created some fun stackable, squishable fabric blocks that are featured over on the Art Gallery Fabrics blog. You can see them on the AGF blog!

I also took their new Urban Mod line, and created the quilt Urban Sprawl. You can see it here, and get the instructions on how to stitch one up yourself. PLUS, I’m giving away a FQ pack of the fabrics I used for my Stackable, Squishable fabric blocks, so check out the bottom of the post for details. Giveaway ends on Monday – so enter soon!

I’ve been doing a TON of sewing. New sewing projects include my circle clutch, hexagon quilt, and a half-square triangle project I’m working on. Yup. Lots of fun stuff.

Did you miss the wreath videos I did with my friend Angie last week? I created a fun patriotic wreath, a kids submarine porthole wreath, and a fun no-sew fabric wreath. All have different techniques you’ll want to check out.

Oh – and I have a great Washi Tape Giveaway going on over at 30 Minute Crafts as well – pin a few images, and you could win 25 rolls of washi tape!

Hope you have a great week!

This week was brought to you by: Star Shaped Bubbles

Today we burst my son’s bubble when we explained to him that it doesn’t matter what shape the bubble wand is… the bubbles will still be circular. Even star shaped wands make circle bubbles.

yes. that is his “I’m not impressed” face.

When he asked “why?” in typical four-year-old fashion, I’m pretty sure my answer was, “Well kiddo, it has to do with surface tension, and that a star doesn’t make for a very secure structure.” With answers like that, I’m not sure why he even asks “why” anymore!

This whole week has been a pretty amazing bubble, though! Over on 30 Minute Crafts I’ve been doing Craft Lightning, with a whole week of crafts that can be done in FIFTEEN minutes or less! Yup, for Craft Lightning week, I up the ante. I shared tutorials for my Falling Star and Tumbling Heart EarringsFelt Cowboy VestFabric Flower topped Gift Box, Fabric Banners, and  Fancy Felt Clutch. Each evening I shared a roundup post with quick crafts from my friends about the interwebs. You can catch the roundups for Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, and Day Five.

The fast crafting doesn’t end there, though! At 4pm PST Monday and Friday of this week, I’ll be live crafting TEN minute crafts with Angie from the Country Chic Cottage as we do live crafting videos. Check us out, as well as our other awesome participants at Crafty Hangouts.

Here on Always Expect Moore, I shared my Mod Podge Dinosaur wreath, and then wrapped up the Dinosaur birthday party, and shared with you how to make super easy ice cream pizzas. Yum!

I started a new series on Craftsnark on the difference between the terms DIY and Craft. {{spoiler alert: I’m not a fan of one of them. No, I’m not telling you which one. Yes, that wasn’t much of a spoiler. HA!}}

We had some fun this week. Wednesday hubs got a year older, and we celebrated on Thursday by watching him jump out of a practically fine airplane. You might have caught whiff of it on Instagram. And it is the inspiration behind a fun parachute craft project I’ll be sharing here later this week!

Then today I took the boys to the park for a Mommy and Me event. It was quite a few hours in the wind and sun, but they both loved it. And that’s all that matters, right?

I hope you have an amazing week! And enjoy this last photo… my son is a “ladybug whisperer”. Any ladybug will find him, or he will find it, no matter how giant the park!

Dinosaur Party Wrap-up

At the end of April my baby turned one. And suddenly, he doesn’t look like a baby anymore. He’s grown tall and lanky. His baby chubbyness is slimming down as he runs around the house and yard. He climbs up anything his legs can reach.

To celebrate his first birthday, we threw a dinosaur-themed party. When my oldest turned one, we used the theme from his nursery for his first birthday. It was an easy transition. So we did the same here. My baby has a dinosaur themed nursery, and so we threw a dinosaur themed party for him.

You might have already seen the dinosaur invitations with washi tape, the dinosaur wreath, and the tissue paper pennants. I had fun creating handmade items for the party.

I spent the day before prepping food for the party. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I had a smash cake for the birthday boy, and a chocolate cake on the side, but also cupcakes for the kids at the party. Cupcakes are so much easier than a large sheet cake when you’re expecting lots of people.

I got a little help putting up decorations for the party… sometimes streamers end up like this when you have a 4-year-old involved!

Instead of getting a heavy helium tank, or schlepping to a party store early in the morning for helium-filled balloons, I hung regular balloons from the ceiling. This also kept them out of the hands of small children during the party.

Before the party, my brother and sister-in-law helped me cut out dinosaur feet for the kids to decorate. We used this template from Make and Takes.

Once they decorated them, they could wear them.

I made several batches of homemade playdoh the day before for the kids to play with. We also had a pinata for the older kids – at the request of big brother.

The birthday boy didn’t know what to do with the dinosaur smash cake he was offered…

And although he loves cake, he hasn’t ever been a big fan of frosting. After we pushed his hands into the cake, he wasn’t a very happy guy.

After a change of clothes and a nap, we opened gifts.

I can’t believe how big he is already! Happy Birthday, little man… I’m looking forward to so many, many more celebrations with you!

This week was brought to you by: Stitching

I’ve been spending a lot of time these past weeks stitching. I can’t show you much of what I’ve been working on… but I promise, awesomeness is on the way! Speaking of awesome, if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, you missed out on this awesome set of predictions by my preschooler…

I have managed to get some work done around here between all the stitching…

I put together over 25 ideas for last minute Mother’s Day Gifts, which included a quick mother’s day handprint canvas that I made with the kids.

I haven’t played with plastic canvas in a long time, so making these quick plastic canvas earrings was super fun. I was able to join in on a blog hop for Plasic Canvas Tutorials with Diane of CraftyPod – one day I hope to meet her in person, I’ve been inspired by her work in blogging (and plastic canvas) for years.

Hopefully you had a chance to watch the Washi tape in a live hangout on air that I did with some bloggy friends of mine. You can watch me make washi tape flowers there, or read the step by step washi tape flower tutorial. I had so much fun playing with washi tape that I made a washi tape necklace tutorial as well.

In the next few days, I’ll be sharing more of Baby B’s big first birthday party celebration. Yesterday I showed you how to make a dinosaur shaped cake.

And I checked a big to-do off of my list by finishing up my cross stitch necklace pendants. I mailed them off, and they should have arrived in mailboxes today.

In between we had a lot of our regular day-to-day around here as well. But we did manage to take a morning off to go out to breakfast and hit the pool. Baby B had fun running around the restaurant making new friends. Funny how a baby toddling around can bring a smile to just about anyone’s face.