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I wanted to take a minute to share what I’ve been up to! Sure, I’ve been here, and recovering from the 24 hours of madness that resulted in the #instaquilt. But, I’m up to lots of other things as well, and thought I’d share them with you…

I have another site that I post on daily. 30 Minute Crafts.com is all about crafts that can be done in 30 minutes or less. A few of my favorite recent projects are my Glass Jar Roses and the Biblical Costume I made for my preschooler.

Next week, I’ll be joining in a week of live craft videos over at Crafty Hangouts. You can watch them live by checking the schedule, or you can watch the recordings later. I recently did a preview video featuring quick handmade cards with Angie from the Country Chic Cottage, if you want to see what to expect.

Oh… and once a week, I try to come up with something clever over at CraftSnark.

And, like most people, I pop up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google + every now and again as well.

#Instaquilt – a quilt in 24 hours, start to finish!

Wednesday afternoon I needed to make a quilt that would be done the following day. I can’t get into the reasons why… yet. Perhaps it was something I dreamed about during one of the many naps we stay-at-home moms take… or it was a fanciful whim… or it was something else I’m not yet prepared to disclose.

Anyway, it was Wednesday afternoon, and I had 24 hours to complete a quilt. I gathered the kids in the car and headed down to the quilt shop, had my fabrics cut, and came back home. It wasn’t until the kids were fed, bathed, and asleep that I got to start on the rest of the process. For those of you who follow me on Instagram (I’m @craftmoore, if you’re an Instagrammer), you might have seen me share the process as I worked through the night…


then stitching… stitching… stitching…

At last being able to trim the top and prepare the backing for the quilter.

My friend Nichol (find her on instagram at @thedesertquilter – especially if you like quilty pics!) quilted it for me in just a few hours! ps – this is totally not normal, and she did me a huge favor here. Love her! You can also check out her awesomesauce quilty blog and check out pictures of the cutest preemie baby ever!

via @thedesertquilter on Instagram

Once I got the quilt back I trimmed it once more and put the binding on…

 I ended up stitching my binding on by machine. Which normally, I hate. I like to hand-bind my quilts. I don’t know if this helps me feel a connection to my quilty ancestors who stitched their quilts entirely by hand, or if it helps me feel like the quilt is truly handmade… but I like to do it. For this quilt, there was no time. And it doesn’t make much sense to spend 3 hours binding a quilt that didn’t take much more than that to stitch up!

Because I was binding with scrappy, leftover strips, I used 2″ strips for my binding instead of the 2.5″ strips that I normally use. I love a wide binding, but in this case, the result was perfect. The 2″ strip was just the right size and it came together beautifully. Even though it came together so well… I can’t say that I LOVE a machine bound quilt… but can say that I no longer hate it. And I will be machine attaching binding in the future. Because it is so darn fast. And with the 2″ wide binding strip, it came together really well.

Oh… let’s not forget… here is the finished quilt! Tossed over the back fence…

Pinned to the wall…

And tucked in a tree…

I love, love, love the finished result! And that these fabrics were on a bolt about 24 hours before this photo was taken is a fun little piece of trivia about the quilt.

ps – I like naming my quilts… and I named this one #instaquilt because that was the hashtag I used when instagramming the photos of the process. And not only was the process “insta”grammed… but it was also nearly an “instant” quilt!

Basics Sale At Consumer Crafts

craftbasics daricebridal

You seriously have to check out this craft supply site. It is a total craft supply online warehouse at your fingertips… while you are hanging out on the couch in your PJs watching your kids take turns making eachother laugh. Yes. It is crafting heaven.

I’ve shopped at Consumer Crafts several times. I got the adorable chenille bumblebees I used for the Winnie the Pooh shower there. I’ve purchased Christmas Presents from Consumer Crafts. All kinds of awesome stuff!

One of my goals for the new year is to clean out my crafting space. So I really don’t need a bunch of new supplies. But when I saw that Consumer Crafts had their basics on sale (hurry! sale ends on February 4th!), I knew I couldn’t pass this up… after all, their prices are already low – and now another 25% off with FREE shipping on orders over $100??

consumer crafts, craftbasics daricebridal

It just makes good sense to stock up on some basics… like new paintbrushes…

So I can finally toss all those old ones that never got fully cleaned. That totally fits in my “cleaning and organizing” goal…
And while I was on the site I checked out their googly eyes…

 …and cording…

 …and patterned Duck Tape…

…and paint… and dowels… and masks… and cords… and magnets… and baker’s twine… and books… and paper punches… and felt…

I’m not sure what all made it into my cart, but quite a bit hopped in and is being shipped right to my door! Such a convenient way to get my crafty fix. And when the box arrives, it’ll be like Christmas all over again as I get to dig through all the fun stuff! Make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram pictures if you want to see what all I picked out!

Just in case you made the same clean and organized resolution that I did, and need to stock up on some basics to get your crafting space back in order, the sale runs through February 4th! Shop now!

Save up to 25% on your favorite crafting supplies NOW through Feb 4th @Consumer_Crafts! #craftbasics

I wrote this post as part of a campaign with Consumer Crafts and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

Christmas – All Wrapped Up

Things have been so busy around here, I haven’t wrapped up Christmas! Yes, the tree is down and the decor has been tucked away… but I have been so busy running from one thing to the next I haven’t sat down and thought about what a beautiful holiday we had.

There was lots of tearing into gifts…

… and even getting some that were exactly what we wanted. Thanks Santa for the Lightning McQueen that flies. Now if only he had white-wall tires…

There were stocking stuffers that were just right. And even a nice little gift from our Elf on the Shelf Ginger. She left us each with a small present before flying back to the North Pole. We hope to see her again soon. I’ve heard several times how much she is missed.

 We played old games… and new games. And old games that were new to us.

 We marveled at the beauty of Christmas… and Christmas Decor.

 And we spent some time just hanging out at the table.

And there was other stuff. There was a baby shower. A funeral. Trips to here and there to visit friends, family, and places. Lots of busy, busy stuff. Some sad. Most good. And with great people. And that is the part I’ll remember most. The people.

I hope you had a beautiful Holiday!

Make a Pineapple Photo Lampshade

I was given this lampshade by Lamps.com, and challenged to do something fun with it. I had a blast! Read the end of this post to learn how you can see the other challenge entries, vote for me, and possibly win yourself a $100 gift card to Lamps.com!

I take tons of photos, and print them out regularly. With the hope of scrapbooking them one day. I don’t want my photos to have to wait until I can journal about them or put them in a frame, I want to enjoy them right away! I took this great lampshade from Lamps.com and used the idea of the criss-cross ribbons on a french memo board to make a lampshade that reminds me of a pineapple – but is a great place to tuck photos (or birthday cards, or Christmas cards, or whatever the season brings!)

Ribbon (I used yellow grosgrain ribbon)
Glue gun
Needle and Thread (optional)
Bulb and Lamp Base

I started by measuring my lampshade, and then making a small mark every 10 inches along the edge. I did the same along the other edge, but off-centered my marks. So, on one side my marks were at 10, 20, 30 inches, and on the other side at 5, 15, 25 etc.

I glued ribbon from a mark on one side at an angle to a notch two down on the other side. I repeated this all the way around the lampshade.

I then repeated the process in the opposite direction.

On both the top and the bottom, I measured the criss-cross to keep them even, and stitched them in place with a few stitches. If you’re not the needle-and-thread type, you could use a glue gun.

After I had stitched in place all the top and bottom crossings (leaving the center ones alone), I glued some ribbon around the top and the bottom of the lampshade to give it a finished look. Then I put the lampshade on my lamp base, and was able to tuck in my photos!

You can win a $100 Lamps.com gift card, and vote for your favorite lampshade transformation by visiting the Lamps.com site. I’d love it if you voted for me!

Disclosure: I was given free product from Lamps.com as compensation for this post.

Pampering Myself for the New Year

My baby is 8  months old, and Saturday night I spent my first night away from him. The year 2013 is my year… and that comes with making some changes. Like making sure to find some time for me.

I love being a mom, and a wife. There is no substitute for an evening at home with the men in my life. But sometimes, we have to change things up a little, and find time for ourselves. For me, that time would be best spent grabbing a glass of wine and heading to soak in the tub while listening to the audio book of The Hunger Games (and of course slathering myself in scrumptious NIVEA lotion afterwards).

Airlines instruct us that if the oxygen masks come down, we are to put our own masks on first, and then help our children.There are other times that we moms need to put ourselves first as well. To be healthy, more balanced people for the little ones in our lives… and so we can have a quiet moment to go to the bathroom without a knock at the door asking a subject less interesting than the socks that go missing.

While my kids were being spoiled by their Oma this weekend, I spent my time with the girls. My crafty gals. I went to the CHA tradeshow (Crafts and Hobby Association), and turned online friendships into real relationships. We spent a kid-free evening at Disneyland and pampered ourselves in the hotel. I had 36 hours where my top priority was my own well being – inside and out. And it was wonderful.

After spending time at the tradeshow, and running around Disneyland, my skin was parched. I never think to drink enough water, and the air in California this weekend was insanely cold! Cold weather also dries out the air, and our skin. Luckily, I had my NIVEA lotion with me. I have loved NIVEA for years. It is creamy, not at all greasy, and my skin absorbs it almost instantly! It has a mild scent as well, providing a little calming aromatherapy while I massage the NIVEA into my skin… and then disappears afterwards, though my skin stays satisfied for long afterwards.

Though my weekend was amazing, I’ll admit that equally wonderful was looking into the eyes of my baby this morning as he woke, watching that moment of recognition light up his eyes as he gave me a smile that made his dimples dance. Kissing my kids, and getting kids back like it is the kiss of the year. Snuggling in bed with a kiddo on either side as we chatted, and the sun came up. Getting to be their mom is the most precious gift. 

I’ll be sure to spend more time on myself this year – both with little moments and big weekends. Being a great travel companion, I have no doubt that my NIVEA lotion will be close at hand for all of them… keeping my skin soft for baby snuggles, and pampered for my “me” time.

I bought the double-pack of NIVEA lotion at Sam’s Club. You can see my full shopping trip (with pics of my adorable entourage) here.  

If you want to pamper yourself, you can enjoy your own NIVEA Million Moments of Touch. Sams Club helps make these NIVEA moments happen.

Find NIVEA USA on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

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Super Easy Chicken Quesadilla

Need a quick and easy dinner that can be customized for picky eaters and is practically healthy? Want something you can pull from the fridge in a moment’s notice? Most of these ingredients can be kept in the freezer, making this a great meal idea to keep handy for nights when everyone is busy… especially since you can make these one at a time, or just a few at a time… which makes them ideal for nights when the family can’t all sit down to dinner at the same time.

Shredded, cooked chicken (I grab a rotisserie from the deli and shred the meat)
Flour tortillas
Shredded cheese

Put a flour tortilla on a plate. Spread 1tbsp on the tortilla. Sprinkle 2tbsp shredded chicken, and 3 tbsp shredded cheese. Cover with a second tortilla. If you like, layer another on top to make 2 tortillas. Microwave to melt cheese and heat ingredients. I microwave on HIGH for 60-90 seconds.

Cut into wedges and enjoy!

You can eat as-is, or serve with re-fried beans and Spanish rice. Linked up here:

Weekend Kitchen Club Link Party

Final Art Gallery Challenge Project

Last month I made a Patchwork Bunny Blanket for my youngest, so when this month’s challenge was announced as a messenger bag, I decided I should make it for my older son. Oma gave us a new little tablet over the holidays, so I made a matching cover for the tablet to go along with the bag that I made.

The bag has a pieced strap that I carefully top-stitched, and both the pockets have patchwork detailing. The front flap has a zippered pocket, and under the flap is a traditional pocket.

More than just this project, I’m thrilled to have made it through all 12 months of this challenge! I didn’t blog about all of the projects, but here you can find details on many of them:

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

A gender-neutral baby shower done entirely in Winnie the Pooh was the perfect thing for my Sister in Law who hadn’t announced the gender of her baby, and who was decorating the nursery in classic Winnie the Pooh. Though I’m crafty, I knew that creating a shower around the Pooh Bear character, or even Pooh and his friends Rabbit, Tigger, Piglet, Owl, Kanga and Roo would be a lot of work… so I decided to simplify the overall theme and stick to “Bees and Hunny” with some Pooh Bear thrown in.

I started with the invitations. Plain white invitations, with honey colored cardstock. I rimmed the cardstock with a gold pen to give it depth. I wrapped a yellow ribbon around the base, and added a block letter from a set of Pooh Letters. On the top I added a honey bee, also from a Winnie the Pooh scrapbooking set. The bee held in place a piece of vellum on which I’d printed “We would ‘bee’ Delighted…”
The inside of the invitation continued the message with “… if you would join us for a baby shower.”

I love vellum for baby showers. You can see beneath the invitation, a small vellum card poking out. On this card I printed the registry information. Although most stores provide registry cards, I thought adding them to a vellum insert looked a little nicer, and I was able to add personal notes with more detailed registry information.

The favors were butterscotch candies, in small boxes. The boxes were cut with my Cricut. I added the cuts in the back to tie down the flap, and glued on the vellum before folding the boxes. I chose a “tigger orange” color for the boxes, and added the same honeybee from the invitations.

The prizes for the games were put in flower pots. I glued the bag into the base of the flower pot with hot glue, and then filled it with lemon drop candies. A bow with a bee button finished off the easy prizes.

Upon entering, guests were invited to put a couple bills or loose change into the piggy bank which I had Mod Podged with a Winnie the Pooh. They could then guess how much was in the bank, and the winner would take “ALL”. This is a fun game, because guests are told that the money will start the baby’s college fund… but how can that be the case if the winner takes “all”? I assure them that all is well, and they’ll just have to see. After tabulating the totals, the winner gets a small bottle of “All” Laundry detergent!

After everyone was seated, guests were asked to put their address information on envelopes, as if the envelopes were being sent to them at their homes. These were collected and given to mom-to-be along with thank-you notes that I’d made to match the invitations.

Because the baby’s name had not been announced yet, we played a baby naming game, where shower-goers were to create as many names as possible using the letters in the first and middle names of the mother and father in 5 minutes.

The final game was my standby of “Baby Shower Bingo.” Guests are given blank bingo cards. In the squares they fill in possible shower gifts – bib, towel, pacifier, bottle, onesie, hat, shoes, socks, sheets… the list is as endless as the needs of an infant. Once they have created their bingo card, the opening of the gifts begins. They check off items on their bingo card as gifts are opened. I love doing this game last because it is a great way to give away the extra prizes. I always have extra prizes on hand in case of ties on games. All the remaining prizes are passed out during baby shower bingo.

The table decor was simple. I used white plastic table cloths, with yellow tulle down the middle. The tulle was dotted with chenille honeybees. I found white ceramic bowls at Cost Plus World Market, and added “HUNNY” to the sides with paint specifically created for glass/ceramics. These were filled with a honey Chex Mix and Honeycomb cereal.

I found these Winnie the Pooh paper sculptures that we printed, cut out, and glued together. These were cute, but there is a lot of cutting involved!

I wasn’t the only one taking pictures – one of the Aunties took pictures as well, and was able to grab a few of me as we were setting everything up.

How I Spent My Holiday: Family in Los Angeles

I remember coming back from Holidays in the 3rd grade, we would give show-and-tell like speeches about how we spent our holidays. I was often jealous of kids who went to Disneyland, or far away places like Wisconsin or Chicago. My holidays were spent at home with family. Now that we live far away from most of our family, I miss those days of sitting around the Christmas tree opening presents with those that I love. This holiday, I got the best of both worlds! Though Los Angeles isn’t a far away place, there is lots to do there – and our days were filled with priceless moments.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of what we did while we visited LA. Depending what part of Los Angeles you drive to, it takes us about 5-6 hours to drive from Las Vegas to LA. Since we drove at night, the traffic was light and the kids were sleeping, so we were able to get there fairly quickly, all things considered.

My best friend from the 4th grade lives in the Los Angeles area, so we made sure to visit her. She has two boys just older and younger than Little Moore, so plenty of awesome toys to play with! LM didn’t want to take off the hat or tool belt when it was time to leave. He said his friends would be ok with him taking the toys with him! (they weren’t)

The main reason we were in Los Angeles was to spend the holiday with my husband’s family. His sister is due with her first child in February, so while there we (my husband’s aunties and I) threw her a baby shower. It was all Pooh-themed, and I took tons of pictures, so I’ll share the whole shower with you in another post.

 My parents live in Southern California as well, and they drove up to treat us to a day at California Adventure. Like most preschoolers, my oldest is in love with Lightning McQueen and all things Cars, so LM was thrilled to go to Cars Land. My Aunt and Uncle drove down with their elementary-aged kids so that LM could spend time with cousins, and my “baby” brother drove up from San Diego with his wife and newborn. I love that Los Angeles is a central location with lots to do… we had an awesome day with the family!

The following day was Christmas. We did two Christmases with my In-Laws. The first was the traditional “pajamas Christmas” where we opened up stocking gifts from Santa and gifts from immediate family. Afterwards, we drove to another part of Los Angeles to one of my Husband’s Aunties for the big family Christmas, some Guitar Hero, and an awesome Christmas Dinner!

 The day after Christmas, it was time to go home. Before we headed home, we made one last stop at our favorite LA hole-in-the-wall. You’ll find Monk’s in Torrance… and if you ever go, make sure to get a double order of their onion rings, and sprinkle them with plenty of salt – you’ll thank me!

If you are looking for a priceless experience in LA, or another major city, be sure to check out Mastercard’s Priceless Website for great deals and ideas. You can also connect with them via Twitter. 

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and MasterCard #CBias #SocialFabric #LoveThisCity