That one time I became an Award Winning Quilter

Ellipsis close-up

One of the most interesting and frustrating things I learned when working at a quilt shop is that quilters collect fears from other quilters. One … [Continue reading]

Lego Birthday Favor

custom lego favors

When I was a kid, we'd bring cupcakes to school on our birthday to share a treat with the class. With 32 kids in a class, that can add up to a lot of … [Continue reading]

San Diego Maker Faire

We headed to the San Diego Maker Faire Today, and though we were there most of the day... we didn't even see half of what there was to see! We hit up … [Continue reading]

The Process of Creating Community

February 20th we moved into our new house. It was exactly five weeks after getting the news that we would be moving. The 5 weeks of packing and moving … [Continue reading]

Clouds are for Cuddles Quilt

Snuggling with Snuggle Quilt

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw me working on this fun quilt. I was in love with these fabrics the moment they arrived... Shannon cuddle … [Continue reading]

Laura Kelly Mini Quilt

Laura Kelly Quilt

As a quilter, I love giving quilts as gifts. It gives me a great excuse to make something lovely, and I get to share it with someone special. Earlier … [Continue reading]

When a Butterfly flaps its wings…

close up of butterfly quilt

I shared the back of this mini quilt on Instagram several months ago, and wanted to share the whole thing with you here, along with the story behind … [Continue reading]

Eating the Frog, and having a whole Frog Farm

Eat the Frog - Always Expect Moore com

I'm coming out of the coma. The mental coma that moving put me into. Anyone who has moved recently knows that moving is brutal. And anyone who hasn't … [Continue reading]

100th Day of School Lego Shirt

Legos added to a 100th day shirt

So, apparently, the 100th day of school is now a "thing". Which I think is fun. Any time I can get my son to celebrate going to school is a win in my … [Continue reading]

Polka Dot Double Cuddle Quilt

Polka Dot Double Cuddle Quilt

I was sent some of Shannon's awesome cuddle fabrics to stitch up something snuggly. Included in the fabrics were cuddle cakes - 10" squares of … [Continue reading]