As I was working on the Cricutters Anonymous Spring Themed Challenge, I thought, “Wow, guess I’m pretty inspired by yesterday’s inchie sketch, huh??

These are photos of this year’s Easter egg-dying with Little Moore, and my MIL. He had a blast… I’d seen in Parenting Magazine the suggestion to use whisks when dying eggs to help out the little ones, and it worked fantastic!

Anyway, for this scrapbook layout, I used the “Easter” from the “Designer’s Calendar” Cricut Cartridge (at 2″ tall), and the flower border along the bottom is the Garden1-s ICON from the “A Child’s Year” Cricut Cartridge (at 1 1/2″ tall). This cartridge was a gift from my MIL for my birthday, and honestly… I didn’t think that I would like it… but it has such great variety, it has probably become my most-used cartridge! :o)

To get the variations in color, I cut the flowers in multiple colors, stacked the colored flower on top of the green flower, used a craft knife to cut through BOTH layers (with a small mat underneath to protect my layout page. I took both off, glued on the colored flower (remembering which side was the back so I didn’t put glue on the wrong side), and tah dah!

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of Easter… here is the Easter card I sent out to the family this year:

On the inside, it read:

“I don’t want to sit on bunny’s lap,
He’s too big and scary!
I’m safer in my mama’s arms,
Where I’ll laugh and be merry!”

To create the card, I used the CARD on the “A child’s year” Cricut Cartridge. See, told ya that cartridge is handy! It has great little cards! :o)

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Easter crafts… Moore to come later…


  1. I love your Easter crafts! Your LO was totally awesome with those lovely flowers!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a fun way to preserve precious Easter memories.

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