Something pretty for a rough day.

Last night, I noticed some red spots on Little Moore’s skin. I figured it would be gone by morning. This morning, it was still there… and either it had spread, or I was just paying better attention. Little light-red flecks around his eyes and at his temples, all the way past his ears… and not raised, or itchy.

I called the doctor to make an appointment. And while I was on the phone setting up this appointment, my son got into the workroom, up on my work table, and dumped out an entire bottle of black embossing powder!

Oh yes, he did. And in the Cricut, no less…

No time to clean it up, I took him to the doctor. After an hour of waiting, she had no clue what the rash could be… a couple theories, but no, “Sure, that is kidafungusigitis… here is some ointment that will clear it right up… so glad you brought him in before it spread.” Instead, I got the “Watch it to see if it spreads, and we’ll do blood draw to check his white-cell counts.” I tried to stay calm, but after hearing “white cell counts” all I could think of was my 7 year old cousin who is 1/4 of the way through his treatment for Leukemia…

THREE HOURS LATER… I got home. Little Moore was all tuckered out from his blood draw (after the blood draw was done, it took about 30 minutes for him to calm down… but who can blame him, he’s not even 20 months old yet!), and I needed some therapy (and something to keep my mind off waiting for the Doc to call)… after putting LM down for his nap, I got cracking… and cleaned up the embossing powder.

Then, I got to working on this reversible purse that One pretty thing shared from Martha. I’m thinking about making this bag much bigger, and making several to have as reusable shopping bags. I can’t be the only one who is self conscious about showing up at Target with a bag with the grocery store’s name on it, right? You with me? And, I love that the bag has one handle smaller than the other, to tuck in… hopefully meaning that my groceries won’t make a break for it all over the trunk of my car!

Before going whole-hog, I tried the “mini” version… using this beautiful vintage fabric that I got from my mom forever ago. Cute, huh? I made the inside red (yummy), and I totally love it! I would have liked it if it had been a tad bigger… but as a trial-run for the big grocery edition, I think it is great. The perfect size to put my keys, wallet, and camera in… and then shove in the diaper bag. My big leather monstrosity of a purse is not as forgiving.

Here is the finished product:

Oh… and the doctor called… all Little Moore’s blood counts are normal. Which is good, because it means that we can cross a couple horrible illnesses off the “potential” list…

… and bad because we still have no clue what is causing the rash. Hopefully, the rash will be gone tomorrow, and I can live blissfully in ignorance.

Even so, I know that, after this crisis passes, there will still be Moore to come…


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