Friday Night Sew In

I was looking forward to the Friday Night Sew In… I was going to get Little Moore to go down early, I was going to put away all the blog reading and blog writing, and it was just going to be me, Pandora, the sewing machine… and all the projects I’ve been meaning to get to.

Wishful thinking. I didn’t get to my “me time” until almost 11:00. But, I was determined. I grabbed a piece of printed map fabric that I’ve had for about a decade. The plan was to make it into a wall hanging for Little Moore’s room. He had a big wall map up, but he kept pulling it down, and the edges were getting ragged from the pushpins. I finally took it down last week, rolled it up, and put it on the top shelf of his closet.

Every morning since, I’ll go into Little Moore’s room to get our day started, and the first thing he will do is point to the empty wall space. “Uh Oh! Uh Oh!” He’ll say. “Map! Map!” Then he’ll point to the closet, where the map is now. For 21 Months, this kid is super sharp.

So, I pulled out the map fabric, and a Fleece Blanket that I picked up at Ross a couple months back. I pinned the fabric to the blanket.

I then started at the Pacific, and worked my way Westward, sewing down each of the Longitudinal lines. It was a great chance for me to get some practice with my walking foot on the sewing machine, which I hadn’t done in a while.

After finishing that up, I made some bias tape, and bound the edges. I probably cut a few corners here and there getting it done… I really didn’t want to spend 5 hours on a pre-printed piece of fabric that I bought at Wallyworld over a decade ago, and is likely inaccurate now (although, it does show the Czech Republic and Slovakia as two different countries).

Here it is all done. I know looks like a pre-printed piece of fabric, lumpy from being laid out on the uneven lawn, right? Well, here is a view of the back:

Yup, still looks like I spent no time at all on it. Well, only about 3 hours! So, when I finished at 2am, I was ready to tackle the next project! A new pair of PJ pants for Little Moore. The fabric had already been cut, so I pinned and sewed, pinned and sewed… I then cut some ribbing for the bottom of the legs, sewed on the first cuff… and… wait for it…

Discovered that I had put it on the wrong side. 
I then decided it was time for bed!
Thanks Crafty Vegas Mom for giving me some initiative to get at least one project done! I’m off to work on “Un-Sew it Saturday*” as I take off that cuff and try again.
Expect Moore… soon!

*No, there is no such thing as “Un-Sew it Saturday.” That I know of. But hey, if you’d like to start a linky party of all the things we get out the seam-ripper for (because we got ahead of ourselves, or the pattern wasn’t what we expected… etc.) I’m sure I would have a few contributions! : )

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