Getting Caught Up

At this point, I’m “only” a year behind. On my scrapbooking. On other things, I may be even further behind.

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with my Sister In Law and get some Scrapbooking done, which is why I’m only about a year behind… it was even worse before our “scrap party.”

I’m into simple, colorful layouts, in which the pictures take center stage, with room for some journaling and/or labeling the photos. I can’t tell you how many times my family has sat around a stack of photos trying to figure which one of us is the baby in the photo. Even though we just have Little Moore right now, there is always the possibility that we’ll be adding an even littler Moore in the future, so it is good to get started now in labeling.

Here are some of my recent layouts:

 I’m also working on getting my blog caught up. I’ve added tabs at the top which archive my inspirations (projects I want to try some day), and my tutorials. The tutorials are up-to-date, but I have much more to add to the inspirations!

So, Expect Moore… soon!

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