I can’t show you…

I can’t show you what I’ve been working on, but I still have plenty to share. Just because I can’t show you beautiful pictures and detailed tutorials doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busily working away…

I’ve updated my “Inspirations” Tab up at the top of the page, with all the projects that I hope to do someday. Yup, someday…

I signed up for the Christy Nelson Craft Challenge. This looks like it is going to be fun. I can’t wait to get my first kit in a couple weeks… especially since it is going to have a secret something from her recent trip to Italy. I heart Italy bigtime!

I’m getting my first “Siggie” quilt block in the mail, along with the pattern to make my own Siggies. Exciting! I can’t wait to be involved in the siggie swap!! Learn more about it here, and e-mail Annelies to join up. She does take a “break” from sign-ups in August.

Susan is putting together an “I Spy” Spoonflower fabric swap over at Crafterhours. I’m excited to be joining that one!

I’m finishing up a tutorial that will show up elsewhere on Tuesday… You’ll have to come back then for the big reveal. : )

Oh… and I’ve been working on one more thing… what could it be? Hmmm… Oh yeah! Pocket Week. I’ve got some amazing sponsors and guest bloggers, and I can’t wait until July 31st to announce everything!

Expect {LOTS} Moore… soon!

P.S. To the amazing, wonderful person at the JoAnns in NLV, who left the 50% off coupon for regularly priced fabric near the checkout, THANK YOU! You saved me $8.99 today! : D
I’m going to find a way to pay it forward.

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