Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Today we went to a BBQ and pool party for lunch, and for dinner we’re off to the neighbors’ house for another BBQ and some fireworks! Tomorrow I’ll show you the yummy desserts I whipped up for both events.

Before and between the two BBQs, I worked on a little “Independence” project of my own. Declaring Independence from my big scrap bin! I found this great blog called Stash Manicure, which gives all kinds of great ideas for managing (and cleaning up) your stash. Through that blog, I stumbled upon Quiltville’s post on Leaders and Enders. She does a great job of explaining it, so I won’t re-explain… but I love the idea that I’m constantly working on a quilt, and getting rid of all those pesky threads at the same time!

All this got me motivated to cut my scraps into usable pieces. I don’t have a terrible lot of scraps, so I decided on 2 sizes – 2″ strips and 3″ squares. Any fabric that was too small to fit either of these criteria got tossed. And here is my end result:

(box on the left is strips, box on the right is squares)
I even separated out all the Christmas-y fabric squares, to use them for my first Leader/Ender project. I think I’ll need to cut up a couple fat quarters to mix in, to get enough squares for a lap quilt, and to give it enough variety.
Hope all of you have a fun and safe 4th of July!
Expect Moore… soon!

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