A Birthday Present for LM’s Friend J

Little Moore and I went to a birthday party for his friend J this weekend. J is 2 weeks older than LM, and his mom and I met when we were both pregnant. We’ve managed to keep in touch, and it is so fun to watch the boys grow!

Of course, little J needed something handmade for his birthday. I made him a car mat like the one I made for LM during Pocket Week. I had enough of the road fabric, but not enough of the sign fabric, so I used a solid green cotton for the back, which looks great.

I was feeling a little guilty, though, so I also made a fabric bag using the Lunch Bag Tutorial from Pink Penguin. After adding in a package of Matchbox cars, a card and a bow, the present didn’t even need to be wrapped!

And, while I was making the fabric bag for J, I went ahead and made a second bag for LM… this will come in so handy for bringing toys with us on short trips! It is small enough to fit in my giant purse (which really isn’t saying much… a herd of Elephants once got lost in there), but roomy enough to fit some toys and snacks.

The bag is simple to construct, but does have a lot of steps. The finished project makes all the steps so worth it, though! While I was making these bags, I cut the fabric for yet another bag… but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see that one! {SO CUTE!}



  1. That is a nice lunch bag! Judging from how he seemed to enjoy the car mat, I am sure he will really enjoy this lunch bag made with the same fabric!

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