Awesome: The Versatile Blogger Award

I got an award! Yup, Christa from Mushbrain passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to me. Isn’t that awesome?

I’m amazed on a daily basis the volume of people who come and check out this lil’ ol’ square of cyberspace. Just seeing that people come here is humbling. And then when people leave lovely comments about enjoying what they read, it is empowering. Then, having one of those readers give me an award is inspiring! And awesome.

As a recipient of this award, I’m supposed to thank the person who gave it to me (Thanks Christa, you’re awesome!), tell you 7 things about myself… and then pass on this award to 3 other blogs that I enjoy. Okay… here goes…

1. I’m still afraid of the dark. And of the washing machine when it gets all out-of-whack and makes that loud “thump, thump, THUMP,” sound. And the washer making that noise at night in the dark… my heart rate skyrockets!

2. Growing up, I was always accused of being the “good kid.” And I didn’t like it, mostly because it was true. I never snuck out of the house, I never had people over when my mom wasn’t home, I obeyed curfew every day but my last day at home… I did break a couple rules, but can’t tell you which ones because my mom reads this blog (love you mom!). : P How awesome is it that I’m 30, have a child of my own, and still don’t want to tell on myself?

3. I don’t have a lot of close friends, but the friends I have become close to are friends for life – I’m still good friends with my 2 best friends from Middle School. I’m trying to convince one of them to come guest post here for Pumpkin Week. I would pass the award on to her, but I know she’s in “limbo” on her blog, and I want to give her the space to make her own decisions about her “blog life.”

4. People never know how to pronounce my name. Is it Care-oh-leen? Care-uh-leen? Care-uh-leen-uh? Care-o-line-uh? Honestly, I don’t care. And I don’t even notice. As long as I know you’re talking to me, or about me… it is all awesome. But, in case you’re really interested… all of the first 3 are correct.

5. English is not my first language. But, I now speak it much better than Dutch, which is my first language.

6. My favorite ice creams are (in no particular order): Love Potion 31 from Baskin Robbins; Phish Food from Ben & Jerry’s; Extreme Moose Tracks from the grocery store. If I could have a sundae of all 3, that would be awesome – but unlikely because no place sells all 3.

7. Christmas is my favorite holiday. And not because of presents. The foods (especially the cookies), the smell of pine, cinnamon, cider… the crisp air, hot chocolate… snuggling under blankets. Spending time with family. All awesome. Oh, and getting to build houses out of cookies? Totally awesome.
And one more for the road…. On Thursday I’ll celebrate 4 years of being the wife of the most wonderful man… a man I’ve been in love with for almost a decade. I’m a pretty lucky lady. : ) Awesome.

Now… 3 awesome blogs that you really should go check out:

Crafty Staci – Staci is wonderful. I love everything she does. Seriously, if you aren’t checking out her blog, you’re missing out. One day, I want to meet Staci in person. Anybody who turns her son’s old shirt into styling fashions, and who makes luggage tags with superheros on them is awesome, right?

Mr. I-I-I’s Blogsite – I met Mr. Oakley in person before I ever read his blog. He is an awesome, positive person. Most of his posts are about a negative thing in life that he turns into a positive message. When I read his blog, I can always hear his voice in my head, because his writing is exactly how he speaks.

Pink Penguin – Read one post and you’ll know that Ayumi is a sweetheart. Order one thing from her Etsy shop, and you’ll discover she is on top of things. Try out one of her tutorials, and you’ll learn how awesomely talented she is. And, she’s from the Bay Area (my old stomping grounds), and a newlywed!

Okay… that’s my list! I’m off to “notify” the winners!

Make sure you come back tomorrow to learn how to get an entire bottle of nail polish out of carpet. An entire bottle. Of red nail polish. Yes, it was very, very un-awesome.



  1. Oh Carolina, thank you so much for such a big compliment! You made my day!!!
    I really enjoyed learning more about you. If you are Dutch, I bet you have been to Solveng up here in California. I went there a couple of years ago – it was absolutely beautiful.
    You’re awesome 😀

  2. You’re amazingly awesome. I just thought you should know that.

  3. Wow, Carolina, you are seriously making me blush! Thank you so much for thinking of me!I’ll happily follow the rules and pass this on…as soon as I can think of 7 things about myself! 😉

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