Pocket Week – Monday Night Winner!

Have you had a chance to stop by Country at Heart Gifts? Of course you have! So let me tell you a little about Jennifer.

She is a single mother of four young children. Just like me, she uses her creativity as an outlet for all that stress that builds up in her life. She credits her (alleged) sanity to the constant stream of projects that she has going (sound familiar, ladies?)

In her Etsy shop, you’ll find her line of fantastic Handmade Candles, Lotions and Soaps. You’ll find her line on the shelves at Weeden’s Mini Mall in Blossvale, NY; Oneida Commons in Oneida, NY; and The Old Gingerbread House Gift Shoppe in Sherrill, NY. For those of us who don’t get out to New York very often (or ever) it is a good thing she makes her line available on Etsy! Forget those chain stores that circulate out their fragrances on a whim (In college my “signature scent” of Peach Lotion was discontinued by a store that will remain nameless… but rhymes with Hath and Lody Shirks). Jennifer is constantly adding things to her growing store!

Tonight’s Winner… according to the lovely folks over at Random.org is… lucky number 23!! Show Me Mamma – I’ve sent you an e-mail, just shoot me your physical address, and we’ll get you your prize!

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