Creating is in My Blood

I’ve always been a creative kid. When I was growing up, I loved doing crafts… at some point I think I tried it all… drawing, clay, ceramics, plaster of paris, painting, carving (wood and stone), sewing, gluing, collage, quilling, scrap booking… the list is long and diverse.

When I was learning how to sew, and didn’t want to learn all the rules, I was lucky to have a mom that saw that for me, having fun at the sewing machine was more important than having doll clothes that would survive a trip through the washing machine.

Although there was plenty of creative nurturing going on when I was growing up, I know that nature had a hand in my desire to create. I inherited a creative gene that runs very dominantly in my family.

My Tante Helene is an Artist. With a capital A because she’s been making a living at being an Artist for my whole life. She does some phenomenal work. Here is a translated version of her website. If you want to check out the original version, it is in French.

My mom, who does not have a website, also has a strong creative streak. She can do just about anything… sewing, quilting… welding… Yup, I said welding. My mom is Awesome. Also with a capital A. : )

Today I found out that this creative gene goes back even further into my family tree than I previously realized. My Great-Uncle’s daughter (my mom’s cousin) has a crafting blog and online craft shop! How cool is that?? {If you want to read it in English, click here}.

It is pretty cool to learn that this giant blog-o-sphere can be a pretty small world after all.
…and it is pretty strange to think how many different languages my family members are fluent in! : P



  1. It’s so interesting to find the things we have in commons with our extended families. I’m excited to see that you have a Tante – I’m a Tante, too. My niece and nephews have always called me Tante, which actually came from the other side of their family, but I love it. They’re the only 3 people in the world who have known me by that name, although my 7-month-old great-niece will now be the 4th.

    Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers tea social. Thank you so much for posting during Stepfanie’s absence! That was a wonderful thing to do!


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