Pumpkin Week – Pumpkin Fortune Cookies

I know, one day dedicated to Cookies during National Cookie Month doesn’t quite seem like enough… so, maybe I’ll work on some more cookie posts for later in October. We’ll see. And I don’t mean that in the “Mom says ‘we’ll see’ and she actually means ‘I don’t really want to but I hope you forget about this before remembering to ask me about it again'” kind of way. Really. ; )

Whether or not these two cookie posts, that are doing double-duty as pumpkin posts, are the final cookie posts of the month… they are still some of my favorites.

These fabric fortune cookies are especially fun. Simple and quick to make, with just a few basic supplies. So, grab your fabric scraps, Heat N Bond, glue gun and some felt scraps, and craft along!

Start by following the tutorial over at Crafty Staci for making Fabric Fortune Cookies (while you’re there, you should check out the Crafty Staci Tutorials tab… some seriously awesome stuff over there!). I made a couple changes. First, I made my circles the size of a Mason Jar lid, because I had a mason jar lid handy. Second, instead of using interfacing, I used Heat N Bond to fuse the fabric together. This also meant that doing a zig-zag stitch on the edge became optional… so I opted not to do one. However, these would look just as cute if you followed Staci’s directions exactly (maybe cuter).

Grab your felt and cut out some Jack-o-lantern-esque shapes. Make sure they’re the appropriate size for your fortune cookies.

┬áPop in a fortune, glue on the faces, and you’re done!

Need some fortune ideas? Here’s a start… feel free to leave more in the comments!

 Something sweet is coming your way!
Beware of wandering ghouls.
Many things tonight are not as they appear.
Strangers will come to your door.



  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Those are so flippin’ cute! They would be fun to give out to trick-or-treaters with a piece of candy inside too. Thanks for the link and the kind words, Carolina!

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