Pumpkin Week – Table Runner

It has been so much fun this week sharing all of these pumpkin projects with you! My house is now all set for fall and Halloween decorations (I’ve even got some extras to send to a certain special helper – you know who you are!), and we’re all about five pounds heavier because of all the baking! : )

This final project, a quilted table runner, is a little more involved than the other projects that I’ve shared this week, but so worth it! Although I love a quick and simple project that can get finished in a simple naptime, there are some times when I want to put time and care into a project that takes a little more dedication. This is still a pretty basic table runner. It would be fun to applique some pumpkin leaves, stitch on some vines, or even applique some Jack-O-Lantern faces!

I started with 4 6″x6″ squares in different colors/patterns of orange, and 16 2″x2″ squares in a simple black print. I sewed a small square into each corner at an angle like this:
I trimmed off the excess in the corners. and pressed back the black squares, so that I still had a 6″x6″ square, now with black corners. This makes the pumpkin “base.”
For the pumpkin top, I sewed together 3 pieces of black and one piece of green like this:

 First, I sewed the green 2×2 to the black 2×2, and pressed open the seams. I then added the two side rectangles, and pressed the seams. Once I had the top done, I sewed it to the bottom like this:

I added 2″ strips to the right side of each pumpkin:

 Then sewed them all together, adding another strip to the left side, and one to the bottom:

For fun, I used 3″ pieces of candy corn fabric for the border:

I finished the whole thing with some spider-web fabric as binding, and was all done!
If you’d like details on how to finish a quilted table runner, check out these links:



  1. The runner looks great! I’m glad you got a chance to finish it. You’re right though, it would look amazing with some leaves or something. 😉

  2. Your runners looks great, love the little pumpkins, they look very good together in a quilt.

    Please, visit my blog, I have a little pumpking tutorial. hope you like it.



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