Tube Pumpkins

These little pumpkins are super easy and super quick. All you need is some scrap strips of orange fabric, a small amount of green felt, a glue gun, and a cardboard tube.

I had a large sturdy tube laying around, so I used it. You could just as easily use a tube from wrapping paper or a paper towel, but it won’t be as sturdy, or last as long. Ideally, find something with some heft to it. A perfect option would be the inner core from a newsprint roll. If you have a couple different sized cardboard tubes, that could make for some fun variety as well… they’re so quick and easy, that trying different options is a snap!

Start by collecting your heavy-duty tube. Saw off pieces. For the size of my tube, 1″ pieces looked about right.
Cut or collect 1″ strips of fabric. Fray one edge by pulling threads. You could fray both edges, but only one edge is going to show.
Wrap fabric around tube, making sure the frayed edge shows on the outside. Use several strips if needed, secure end with hot glue.
Cut strips of green felt. For the size of my tube, 1/2″ strips looked the right height.
Roll up the strips until your stem is the desired circumference.
Glue onto top of pumpkin.
Make several, in different colors or sizes if you like, to create fun display pieces.

Come back tomorrow for more Pumpkin Fun!




  1. Hey, those turned out cute! 🙂

  2. Awesome! I love this idea. Unfortunately, I just threw out a tube like that! Darn! I so could have used it. Oh, well, I’ll just keep this project in mind for the next time I get one of them. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Came from Totally Tutorials… what a cute idea. Don’t have any thick tubes laying around. Probably a good thing, or we would have hundreds of mini pumpkins all over! Thanks for sharing your pumpkins!

  4. Love these! I’m including you in my new Friday Favorites this week!

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